Rebuilding Me ( Sequel to Aaliyah Minaj a Princeton Love Story

This is the continuation of Aaliyah Minaj A Princeton Love Story. If you havent read that i suggest you do so, before you read this one.


2. Talking To Prince

*Ali's POV*

I woke up this morning feeling great!!!! Except i have to go to Prince's house today..
I need to know why he left me and my son... ughh.. I heard someone come into my room.
D: Mommy!
Me: Dominic..
D: Im hungry...
Me: Okay.. go downstairs.. and get Auntie Jae to get you some cereal..
D: Okay!!!!
He ran outta my room.. I took and shower and stuff and put on 
I went downstairs and now saw the boys playing and jae sitting there
like normal. Jae was wearing 
Domino was wearing  and Ray was wearing
 I sat beside Jae.. 
Jae: Okay.. So why you going to Prince's house??
Me: To see why he left me and him.
Jae: That happened 4 years ago.. Your 20 now.. get over it..
Me: No!!!! I deserve and answer.. and if dominic asks where's
his daddy i need to tell him something!!!
Jae: *sighs* okay..
Me: Are you comin..
Jae: Yah.. 
Me: Wait before we leave.. Wheres Ray Ray??
Jae: Oh.. We broke up..
Me: WHat.. why...
Jae: Because of his career... he isnt able to take care of Ray like he should.
Me: Oh..
Jae: Yah.. lets go!!!!
Me: Boys to the carrr!!!!!!!!
They ran out the house while i got my keys.. We got in the car.
Jae: Are you buckled boys..
Ray: Yes.. Where we going..
Me: No where..
Domino: Momm!!!!
Me: Dominic dont start with me..
Jae: You sould like your mom...
I glared at her!!
I drove to Prince's house.. We got out the car. I picked up Dominic..
I knocked on the door. Prince answered..
Prince: Come in...
We walked in and sat down...
Prince: The boys can go play in there....
They ran off into the playroom. I was trying to figure out why does
prince have a play room.
Jae: Im gunna go find ray...
Prince: So whats up?
Me: You know.. raising a kid and all... you?
Prince: The usuall.. So what do you need to know..
Me: Why you left me and your son.
Prince: Why you still worried about it!!!!! That was 4 years ago!
Me: SO!!! I need to know!! its not fair...
Prince: So..
Me: Tell me!!!!!
Then a light skin woman with percing green eyes came in. She was holding
a mixed baby girl with frizzy brown/blonde hair.. 
??: Prince who is this..
Prince: ...
Me: Yahh who is this..
Prince: Niqua this is Aaliyah.... 
Me: Wait.. Niqua... Niqua Simmons...
N: Yes and you are.....
Me: Aaliyah Minaj.. I used to be your bestfriend!!!
N: Oh yahh!!! i remember you!!!! I stopped talkin to you 
since you had started that group!!!!
Me: so whose the baby!!!
N: This is my 4 year old daugther Shayla..
She let shayla down and she ran off to go play..
Me: She's cute. anyways tell me..
Prince: Fine.. ill just say it..
N: Say what..
Prince: Okay ali.. when i was dating you.. i loved you soo much.. Then i met
Niqua and i started to date her.. I was being a screw and go you
both pregnant around the same time.. You both were
having your babies on the same day. Then like right Dominic was born..
I left to go see Shay be born.. 
Me: Wait let me get this straight... You were dating me... and her..
Got us both pregnant like the same time... and then you leave me
to be with your second choice.. no offence niqua...
N: not taken...
Prince: Basically...
Me: You are a man H*e
N: I cant believe this.... I didnt know about that..
Did anyone know??
Prince: Yes..
N+Me: Who??
Prince: Taylor...
Niqua: Whose that....
Prince: The third girll.
N+Me: WTF??
Prince: i was also dating her while dating yall..
We made a plan.. That i would see both kids be born..
but i would leave ali. and stay with her and niqua.. 
N: So you been with that wh*re every weekend..
Prince: Yah....
N: I hate you!!! Im leaving you
She started throwing stuff at him and hitting him.. He got up and
left the room.. She sat down beside me and started crying..
Me: dont cry.. He put me through the same thing..
N: Im sorry i didnt know he was dating you..
Me: Its okay.. im not mad at you.. 
N: really...
Me: yes.. its fine.. where you gunna go...
N: Idkk..
Me: Come live with me and jae.. you wont have to be a single mom
N: forreal??
Me: Yepp.. we need a baby girl around the house..
N: lol okay..
Me: Heres my number.. call me when you have everything packed. and we'll
haul it to my hosue..
N: Okay lol!!!!
We got up and went to the play room..
Ray ray and Jae were in the play house...
Me: Childish..
R+J: Shut up.. 
They got out.. I walked up to ray ray and hugged him.
Me: hey ray...
ray ray: hey girll..
Me: oh jae.. niqua and shay will be living with us now..
jae: really why,,
me: ill tell you later.. 
Jae: Oh okay!!!
Me: Well come one kids...
N: Ill call you tomorrow okay??
Me: Okay.. you can meet everyone tomorrow to okay..
N: Ight..
We said bye to everyone... I saw prince...
Me: Domino wanna say by to your so called daddy..
Domino: Bye.. *waves*
Prince: bye kiddo..
We all got back to the car and i drove us home.


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