Rebuilding Me ( Sequel to Aaliyah Minaj a Princeton Love Story

This is the continuation of Aaliyah Minaj A Princeton Love Story. If you havent read that i suggest you do so, before you read this one.


1. Flashback


*ali's Pov*

Im in the hospital holding my brand new baby boy.. and princeton
just said he wants nothing to do with me or the baby... Then he walks out..
I hand Jae the baby and got out that stupid hospital bed.. I know i looked
lame in tht hospital gown but still. I got up and walked out the room..
Me: WHAT!!!!
Prince: Ali.. you heard me..
Me: How could you say that..
Prince: Because its my choice...
Me: But Prince!!!
Prince: Drop it....
He walked out the hospital... I dropped to my knees and sat there crying. 
People were staring but i didnt care...  The nurse came over to me and helped me up..
She made me go back into my room...
Nurse: You can leave when your ready Ali...
Me: Okay....
I got dressed.. I grabbed dominic's car seat.. I took him and placed him in it..
Jae: Why did he say that..
Me: Idk... but i need to get home okay..
Jae: Okay go do that...
Me: I might come over so Dominc and Ray can have a play date.
Jae: *giggles* aha okay..
I grabbed the car seat and left.. I walked to moms car and got in...
Mom: He is so cute...
Me: Yah..
Mom: I still think im too young to be  grandma
Me: hah..
Mom: Whats wrong babe..
Me: Prince... Said he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby...
Mom: What...
Me: Thats what i said...

*Flashback over*

*present time*
*Ali's POV*

That was four years ago.. Now im 20 and dominic is 4. Same for Jae and lil Ray..
I moved out mom's house and moved into my own house.. Well, Jae and ray live
with us.. Its much fun.. Im plannin on trying to figure out why prince left me and
domino (dominic).....

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