Scary dreams

I decided to share some scary dreams with you guys ounce again if you have some you would like to share go a head


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When I was a little kid I used to have the same dream every night each time a different way but the one that stuck with me was this one..... I was a little girl about maybe 5 years old. I was wearing a long white Every thing is in color at this part. I have a hat on with a pink ribbon on it. Then as I go to pick a flower time freezes and the world starts to brake as if its made of  glass. When I woke up I was laying down on a side walk. It was night time and every thing was in black and white. The only thing that was in color was the street lights. Only the green, red, and Yellow light were all on and shinning bright.

I really want to go where the figure is but I know that I can't get any where near it. That's when a black figure shows up on I look behind me I see a man or woman in all black. They grab my wrist and tell me about how I have been such a bad girl for not listing to my mom. Then I turn back hearing my name being called out. Only the thing looking back at me is not human or even related to me in any way. I scream and push away as it says my name and reaches out to me. That's when the figure behind me "You don't want your mom how dare you?" So the figure grabs my arm and shoves me into the road. I'm screaming as I start to fall only before I hit the ground I turn into butter flies. Only to get caught again. Only this time the monster has me and just as it's about to kill me I wake up screaming.

About 2 months after the dream I found my self on the same street and the same figure was looking at me from across the street only it looked at me and disappeared some where else. When I got home I kept seeing the same figure out side my window.....One day it called me and said, "I'm coming to take you home dear...."


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