always with you

Pheoby and Mac have been friends sense they were born they love 5 seconds of summer and there lives change when there parents give them a meet and greet to 5sos


1. all about us


all about us

   Pheobys pov

​me and mac have been unseperterble seince we were born me and her against the world I'm the cool girl she is the nerd but i don't care i love her we were born on the same day at the same time i have brown hair and eyes short hair  I'm 18 turning 19 at 1:45 pm  my hair will be black with a red streak in it. I LOVE 5SOS!

    Macs pov

im a big nerd top nerd to be exact and pheoby is like the toughest girl in school she is like my body 

guard i have brown hair but I'm dying it blond with a blue streak and I'm cutting it short. I LOVE 5SOS!




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