Girls can love girls too

Sometimes, all we want is love and to feel loved, but we keep our mouths shut, hoping nobody peg us as weak or under-minded.


2. Perhaps a new friend...

She sat with me for hours, no words were said, no extreme demands were made for me to get away from the ledge, but she wasn't telling me to jump either. She didn't say anything. She just sat with me, watching the sun beginning to set. "Hi."

I was surprised by that. I chuckled my own greeting for her, "hello."

"So, pretty sun-set."

I took a moment to really look at her. I'd given her a quick glance when she had swung her legs over so she could let them dangle. She was beautiful. I didn't mean her make-up or her hair. I mean pure beauty. The kinds you saw in movies. A baby-seeing-their-mother-for-the-first-time kind of beauty. I admired her facial features in profile for a while, then she looked over at me and we just gazed at each other, memorizing our facial features. I pulled my feet up underneath me, and she did the same.

"Yes." I looked back out to the pink sky.

She reached out for my hand and I gave it to her willingly. "So, what are you doing on this ledge on this fine evening?"

I sighed, "Contemplating life."

"Why don't we do this at my place, then?" She asked, "I'm sure it'll still be the same question there. I have a nice view too. Almost as pretty as this one."


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