Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


7. 7

After buying things from the store I finally drove back to the house. Harry helped me into the house with the groceries. "Took you long enough." Niall said as we walked into the kitchen "I'm starving." He said "sorry, my windows got shot out I need them fixed." I chuckled as we set the bags on the counter

"Is my brother awake?" I asked putting the milk in the fridge "no, he's knocked out cold." Louis said walking in "put this away." I told Harry tossing some pop-tarts as I nodded to Louis "can you wake him up please? It's dinner and he needs some food." I said "sure thing." He smiled running out of the room

"I'll cook some spaghetti." Harry said I nodded as he put noodles in a pot I sat next to the stove and watched as he cooked. "It smells good." I commented referring to his spaghetti sauce "thanks, it's my moms secret recipe." He smiled softly "well she must have been a good cook." I said "she was." He nodded

"Jae." Bryan said walking in "hey bud." I smiled jumping off the counter and walking over to hug him "sorry to wake you, but you need some food." I said "it's fine." He shrugged "I'm starvin." He said "I'm making spaghetti" harry smiled from the stove "ooh yum." Bryan smiled "I'll set the table." I said

"Bryan, would you please make some kool-aid?" I asked "sure." He nodded "if your arm hurts take some Tylenol." I said pointing to the cabinet he nodded and continued making the drink.

I set out plates and silver wear and Bryan set the pitcher of kool-aid in the middle of the table. Harry finally finished his yummy smellin spaghetti. Soon the whole table had all the food on it.

Everyone sat down a dug in, piling spaghetti and bread into their plates and shoveling it into their mouths.
 I slowly ate not really hungry but eating because I hadn't since breakfast. when dinner was done I sent bryan back to bed ad told him I was going out and that liam and zayn would watch him and then the rest of us were off to finish business.

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