Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


6. 6

"This has been the longest week ever!" Harry groaned as we flopped onto the couch I sighed "well, it is Friday night what do you wanna do?" I asked rolling my head to look at him. He shrugged "let's just have a movie night with the boys." He suggested I nodded "fine with me." I grinned

He nodded "alright, I'll call the boys, you order some pizza." He said and got up walking off. "Okay then.." I whispered picking up my phone "hello! Joes pizza bar how can I help you?" An employee asked "yeah, hi can I get an order of a pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian, and a 3 meat." I asked "yep! Address please." She said I told her and she said the pizza would be here in 20 minutes

Harry came in and sat down next to me "they'll be here soon." He said I nodded and put my head in his lap. "I'm kinda glad we became friends." I said "kinda?" He joked "why just kinda?" He pouted "okay, I'm a lot glad." I said "that definitely didn't make sense." He chuckled

I just shrugged with a small smile playing on my lips "so if I asked you to go out with me would you?" He asked "youve asked plenty of times before Harry, what have my answers been?" I asked "no.." He mumbled I nodded "Harry, I'm sorry, I really like you but-" "I swear if you say it's not safe then I will punch a baby. It's not dangerous jae! We are both in the same damn business." He reasoned

I sighed softly and looked up into his bright sparkling green eyes. "Harry, I can't. I can't rust anyone, I can't-" tears welled in my eyes and I just sat up "I'm sorry.." I whispered looking away. "I won't stop jae. He whispered turning my head towards him

"Until you point a gun to my head, I'm going to stick myself to you with glue." He said I gave him a small smile then we hear the door open and everyone came barging in.

"Jae!!!" Louis screamed throwing his strong arms around my body "Louis!!" I mocked hugging him back I turned seeing Harry frowning "woah, man, back off she's mine." Harry said pulling me towards him "excuse me..." Niall said taking my hand "I believe the lady is, infact, mine." He said with a grin "she's mine!" Zayn said planting a kiss on my cheek

"Children, children!" Liam said taking my hand and pulling me into his hard chest "she's obviously mine." He grinned I looked over to see the couch filled with bags, and soda and the pizza?

"Umm guys.. What's all that?" I asked pointing to the couch "oh! I brought movies!!" Louis smiled "I brought food!" Niall said "I brought drinks." Zayn said I looked to Liam "the pizza man was outside so I took the pizza." He said I giggled "oi! They have beer!" Zayn grinned grabbing a bottle.

I grinned as Louis handed me the bag of movies "choose." He demanded flipping down on the couch. Liam and Harry went to get a bunch of pillows and blankets while Niall went and cooked he popcorn, zayn was drinking his beer and I smiled at everyone... I really have come to love these boys, and it's only been a week.

"What did you choose?" I heard Harry I jumped "you scared me!" I breathed "sorry, love.." He chuckled "I can't seem to find one I want." I sighed Harry sat down right next to me and looked through the movies "I guess Louis wanted to watch horror.." Harry laughed looking at all the horror movies

Ding sing ding

"Hang on." I said pulling my phone out. I checked the caller ID to see that saige was calling "hello?" I asked after answering "why hello Jae!" I heard saiges happy voice call "are you busy?" She asked "actually yes.." I said "oh.." She sighed "why do you wanna know?" I asked "I was bored and have nothing to do." She said "well you wanna come over to the apartment?" I asked "really?" She asked "sure." I shrugged "okay, I'll be over in 10 minutes." She said "alright see ya!" I said hanging up

"Saige?" Harry asked from beside me "yeah" I said "you choose a movie, I'm going to change." I informed walking up the stairs. I went to my room and opened the dresser. I discarded my clothes into the hamper and changed into short shorts, and a short sleeve black shirt. I brushed my straight hair and let it fall down my back. I wrapped myself in my fuzzy pink blanket and grabbed my phone.

I started down the stairs when my phone started ringing "hello?" I answered "hey jae!" I heard Bryan "Bryan!!" I said with a grin "guess what??" He asked excitedly "what?" I asked as I got to the bottom of the steps "I got invited to a party!! And the girl I likes is going to be there." He said "no way! Er mer gerd!!!" I squealed "omg!! That is so exciting!!" I said as I sat next to Harry

I waved to saige who was sitting next to Louis and Niall, she gave me a small smile before going back to her conversation "omg okay, do you need a ride?" I asked "nah, Kelly is taking me" He said "okay, well call me if you have any trouble Kay bud?" I asked Harry's arm wrapped around me and I instinctively leaned Into him

"Alright jae, I gotta go! Love you!" He said "I love you too." I said before the line went dead

"Was that Bryan?" Harry asked "yes, he got invited to a party." I said "that's exciting." Harry smiled I nodded "so what movie are we watching?" I asked "finding nemo!!" Niall yelled pushing play

I laughed at his childish ways by leaned into Harry even more and wrapped the blanket tighter around me.

All the boys had a beer in there hand while saige and I had water. Niall was chowing down on popcorn and candy along with the other boys and saige. Harry and I shared a small bowl of popcorn but didn't eat much.

After the movie was over we all sat in a circle talking about anything and everything.

"When was your first kiss and how was it?" Louis asked me "my first kiss...." I thought "it was when I was 12 with a kid named trysten. It was absolutely horrid! He had braces and he basically sucked my face off." I said grimacing at the memory everyone started laughing "okay well when was your first kiss liam?" I asked he sighed "when I was 14..." He said "care to extend the details?" I asked "well, it was with a girl called Sierra.. It was okay I suppose.." He said

We eventually played truth or dare for a couple hours and hen we watched a horror movie. When the movie was over it was midnight. "I'm tired.." Saige said "I'm gonna get going." She said "bye!" She called "see ya!!" I yelled as the door closed "anyone else tired?" Harry asked "no.." We all answered

Ding ding ding

"Hello?" I answered "it's been a long time jaelyn." Aan said on the other line "who is this?" I asked sitting up "Jae!! Jae help me!!!" I heard Bryan scream "Bryan!" I yelled "who the fuck are you??" I asked standing up "he was so easy to take.." The man said "don't you fucking dare touch him you fuck!" I yelled "where are you?" I yelled

"Let's make an exchange jaelyn. I will give the boy back if I can have you." He said "deal." I said immediately "no jae!! Don't do it!" I heard Bryan yell then I heard a loud scream and a whimper "no! Don't touch him! Where are you?? I'll come you can have me!" I said running up the stairs to my room "meet me at the train station at 1." And then the phone hung up.

I pulled black skinny jeans on and pulled an oversized black jacket on. My hair was pulled into a pony as I ran down the stairs three at a time. I ran to the front room "what's going on?" Harry asked I ran to the foot stool and took the top off.

"What the hell Jae?! What's happened?" Lou asked "he took Bryan." I said rummaging through mine and Harry's guns. I grabbed some ammo and a gun. I shoved the gun in the back of my pants and then got another gun "who?" Liam asked "I don't know." I said

"We are coming." Zayn said "this isn't your fight." I said "we are all coming." Niall said "fine." I said throwing them each a gun "it's my fight so you will listen to me and stay behind me" I said "come on." I said I grabbed my car keys and we walked out

Louis, Liam and zayn went in Liam's car while niall came with me and harry. We drove to the train station and parked

There was a big black van and people surrounding it. We all got out and walked over "hmm Jae." The man said "you are not who I talked to on the phone." I said "oh I know.. Our boss doesn't want you to know who he is." The man said "then who are you?" I asked "I am zach.. His assistant." He said "where is my brother?" I asked

The man looked back and nodded. The van door opened and out came Bryan dragged by a buff man "Bryan." I whispered taking a small step forward "jae.." He said looking at me "give him to me." I demanded "ah ah ah.. You know the deal jaelyn. You for the boy." Zack said "drop the gun." He said

I dropped the gun and put my hands up "now hand him over." I said sack nodded and they let go of him he ran over and I wrapped him in a hug "it's okay.. Are you okay?" I asked he nodded "go with niall." I said "take him to the car." I told niall "plug your ears and close your eyes tight." I whispered in Bryan's ear he nodded "stay with him niall" I said "get ready to drive." I whispered to niall he nodded and I turned to zach

"Okay. You can have me now." I said walking over "what?? Jae?!" Harry said alarmed "it's okay." I said as zach pinned my hands behind me. I looked around realizing there was only four men including zach. I turned to louis and mouthed: 'get those two.' I nodded to the two men to my left he nodded

Then it all happened so fast. I slammed my foot on Zachs foot and turned slamming my fist into him. Louis shot one guy and the other tackled him so they were having a fist fight. Liam caught on and started fighting the other guy as I tossed harry my keys and he ran to the car starting it. Both zach and I were in a fist fight and he threw me to the ground and towered over me.

"Mmmm you should have known you would have lost." He chuckled I shook my head slowly taking out my second gun "I never lose." I said and whipped my gun out and shot him straight between the eyes all the sudden three cars drove up "shit!! Boys run!" I yelled to louis and Liam "watch my brother" I told Liam as louis and I jumped Into my car

"Step on it harry!!" I yelled he nodded and jerked out if the train station with niall behind us. "Zayn is in the other car right?" I asked "yah." Liam answered "oka-" a bullet came crashing through the window and skimmed my face "shit.." I cursed holding my cheek

"Shit are you okay?" Harry asked "yah.." I said feeling some blood drip down my face "it just skimmed against my skin." I said "slow down just a little and let niall pass us." I demanded and called zayn a phone

"Jae?" He answered "tell niall to drive faster. Get Bryan out of here" I said "niall Jae said to get Bryan out of here!!" Zayn called as I saw a bullet go flying through their window "shit Bryan get down!!!" I heard Liam scream

"Give the phone to Bryan!" I said "Jae.." A shaky voice answered "it's okay Bryan.. Stay down okay?" I said "yah okay." He said "okay buddy you'll be okay." I said "I need zayn." I said "yah." Zayn answered

"Niall isn't driving any faster." I growled "sorry Jae, they blew out one of our wheels." Zayn said "well shit." I answered "okay okay, drive as fast as you can, we are going to slow down and you guys go ahead of us, I need you to go somewhere, I'll text you the address." I said "gotta go!" I yelled as another bullet came flying in

Louis was shooting behind us and harry was swerving trying to avoid any bullets. I quickly text zayn the address as they sped past us.

I finally pulled my gun out and leaned against the back seat next to louis and kept shooting along with him. I shot out some tires which slowed down one of the five cars.

Drive faster harry!" I yelled as I climbed into the trunk and lifted up a secret department revealing guns, grenades and what not. "Holy shit.." Louis said "you are loaded man.." He chuckled "yeah been saving up.." I said pulling out a grenade "harry drive really really fast!!" I yelled and threw the grenade.

The car jerked as harry sped up even more and three car behind us exploded. There was one more car and it got trapped behind the blaze of the fire. I shut the door and climbed over the seat. "Give me the wheel harry." I said

He nodded and moved into the passenger seat. He car slowed a little and swerved before I jumped into the seat and straightened the wheel. I slowed Down quite a bit and drove straight down the road.

I tossed my phone to harry "can you please call zayn?" I asked "uh yah." Harry nodded "password?" He asked "Bryan." I said"your password is your brothers name?" He asked "would you have ever guessed it?" I asked "no." He answered "so yes my password is my brothers name, nobody would ever figure it out." I chuckled "oh hey zayn, yah uhh-" he paused and looked at me "she's going to be pissed." Harry said

"Okay....." He paused "yah.." He said and then handed me the phone "what happened?" I asked "well... Bryan, he sorta got shot.." Zayn said "he what?!!?" I screamed "what happened to not letting anything happen to him???" I yelled "jaelyn, it was a stray bullet.." Zayn said "I don't give a fuck what it was!! He fucking got shot!!" I yelled I heard shuffling and then my brother answered

"Jae?" He asked "Bryan, are you okay bud?" I asked frantically "yes.." He sighed "where did you get shot?" I asked "my shoulder." He said "shit.. Okay Bryan. You're okay right?" I asked again "yes Jae.." He said "are you at the address I sent you?" I asked

"Almost." Zayn answered "okay get Bryan in there and please watch him. I'm almost there and I'll get the bullet out." I said "how?" Zayn asked "this is what I was trained for zayn." I chuckled "keep him safe." I said and hung up

"Where are we going?" Louis asked from the back "I have a safe house a couple miles from here." I said "really?" Harry asked "yes, it's a beach house in the middle of nowhere." I said "yay!! A beach house!!" Louis squealed like a child "omg.. You are not allowed there if you squeal like that again." I said

Louis gasped "no!" He said "yes." I answered "I'll be good." He answered and sat in his seat and folded his arms. He sat for maybe three minutes before he jumped up "are we there yet?!" He asked excitedly "no louis." I answered pulling into a convenient store.

"I'll fill up the gas." Louis yelled "okay, we will go get snacks." Harry said "come on." He said and got out. We met at the front of the car and he took my hand

"You were going to give yourself to them." He stated "no." I shook my head "I had to lie it I wanted my brother." I said "but what if you didn't kill them? And they took you?" He asked "I wouldn't let that happen." I shrugged "jae..." He said trailing off "yes Harry?" I asked "I really really like you. I hope you know that." He said "I know.." I whispered I pulled my hand away from him "I'll got get drinks.." I said and walked toward the back of the store.

I grabbed an Arizona and a rock star for me along with a peace tea for Bryan. I grabbed a bunch of other drinks for the other boys. Then I went and got Bryan some chips and I got myself some candy. I walked to the counter and set my stuff on the counter. "Come on Harry." I called "coming." He answered and walked over setting his stuff alongside mine

We paid and carried the two bags out to the car. Louis was in the drivers seat so I got in back and Harry got in the passenger seat. I set the bags next to me and Louis drove out of the parking lot. "Do you have money to fix the windows?" Louis asked as I rested my head against the door "Mhmm." I hummed closing my eyes "here's the address." I said giving Louis my phone and resting back in my spot and eventually fell asleep.

I'm not sure how long I was out but when I woke up I didn't open my eyes because I heard Louis and Harry talking. "I really like her Louis." He whispered "why? Man you've never had any feelings for anyone before." Louis said "she's.. She's so different." Harry said "Louis, she's in a gang and sells drugs, she's just like us." Harry said "she's pretty, she's so.. I don't know everything about her is so perfect." He whispered "she's not a girl to be dependent on the guy, she takes care of herself and I like that." He said as the car jerked to a stop

"Shit..." Harry said "Bryan doesn't look good." He said I jerked a little "jae get the fuck up!" Harry yelled "hmm?" I asked jumping up "you need to get that bullet out of Bryan!!" He said pointing up to the porch

Everyone was sitting there trying to get Bryan to stop bleeding. His face was pale, his eyes half closed and he was shivering. I jumped out if the car and sprinted up the porch "why didn't you go in?!" I yelled "lock." Zayn said "shit.." I cursed I ran to the door and put in the pass code and let it scan my hands.

"Get him in right now!" I demanded "there is a room upstairs take him there. First door on the left." I said and ran to the kitchen I grabbed alcohol and ran up the steps I pulled some rubber gloves on and grabbed a needle. I gave Bryan a shot to help numb the pain.

"This May sting Bryan. Just close your eyes and hold Harry's hand." I said waving Harry over he kneeled down and took Bryan's hand everyone stood around and watched

I grabbed tweezers and stuck them in. Bryan started screaming as I dug around looking for the bullet. "I'm so sorry.." I cooed to Bryan who was crying and letting out small whimpers

I sighed as I found the bullet. I grabbed hold and yanked it out making Bryan scream once more. I quickly cleaned up the blood and out stitches in his arm as he passed out. I out a bandage around his arm.

"Take him to my room please." I told Louis "it's the farthest door on the right. Niall go with him to put in the pass code." I said "it's 1216808" I said they nodded and took Bryan and left

I threw everything away and walked down the stairs. "I'm going to the store to get food." I said "stay here." I sighed and grabbed my keys "can I come?" Harry asked "yeah." I nodded and we walked out.

I looked at my damaged car and groaned "I'm going to drop this off at the shop." I said "okay.." He nodded as I drove the couple miles into the city and going to the shop.

"Hi how can I help you?" I big man asked as Harry and I walked in "yah, my windows got shattered and I have some other things that need to be fixed." I said as Harry took my hand "alright let's take a look." He said as I led him out to the car "woah.. Um your car sure took a beating." He said a little bewildered "what happened?" He asked

"I made my sister mad and she hit the windows with a baseball bat along with the rest of the car." I said "oh.. That's quite the sister you've got." He said "yah.. So can you fix it?" I asked "it will take a couple weeks." He said "can you get it done by next week? I'll pay you double." I said "yes ma'am." He nodded

"Oh, do you have an loaner?" I asked he nodded "this right here." He said walking us around the building "perfect." I nodded looking at the range rover we gave him the money and left.

"How do you lie so easily?" Harry asked "practice.." I shrugged and drove to the store

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