Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


5. 5

The next morning I woke up with a small groan. I sat up already realizing it was almost 8 and I needed to take Bryan to school. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the closet. I yanked black skinny jeans over my legs and then slipped into a baggy Rolling Stones Tshirt. I pulled on some toms and pulled my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my mascara and coated it on my lashes and then 10 minutes later I'm running down the stairs.

Harry decided to come with me so we drove in his car. We sped down the road and to Kelly's house and when we got there Bryan was walking out. When he saw us a huge grin spread across his face. He ran towards us and I pointed to the back.

When he got in he smiled "I thought you forgot about me.." He pouted playfully "would I ever forget someone as adorable as you?" I asked looking into his cute 12 year old face "I guess not." He smiled

"Shit.. Drive Harry." I demanded realizing he was almost late. We sped down the road "thanks Harry!" Bryan smiled "any time bud!" He said "bye jae-jae!!" Bryan waved and ran off

I smiled at him as Harry drove to the highschool "you two seem really close.." He commented "we are." I said "we have to be." I whispered "if something were to ever happen to him I would kill myself." I said

Harry gave me a small smile "I know how you feel." He said "no you don't." He said "Harry, my dad tried killing us and succeeded in killing my mom and brother." I said "you don't know me then jae." He said "because both my mum and sister were murdered too." He whispered sadly

"H-Harry I'm sorry, I didn't..." I sighed "I'm sorry." I said once more "it's fine." He said as we pulled into the parking lot.

"Umm.. Is it a day?" I asked "no, b day." Harry said "okay.. Just making sure." I smiled as we walked together to first period even though we were late.

"Jae, Late again? And now bringing the new student late also?" My English teacher mr mark scowled "I had shit to do." I said "language!" He scorned "whatever." I said and started to walk to the back of the room.

On my way Kyle tried tripping me but Harry caught my wrist pulling me to him. "What the fuck?!" I screamed "jaelyn!!" The teacher yelled I ignored him "quit fucking with me Kyle!!" I screamed as I punched him but Harry yanked me away

Only for Kyle to stand up and start hitting me which resulted in Harry stepping in "never! Touch a lady like that!!" He boomed his eyes getting dark his fists clenching his jaw tightening and he loomed over Kyle before bringing his fist down onto his face

"That's it! Detention all if you!!" Mr marks screamed

"Sorry I got you into this.." I mumbled to Harry "no big deal jae... It's just school." He chuckled grabbing my hand "come on I bet we could make it out if we run" he said I nodded and then we booked it we ran through the halls and through the front doors

"This way!" I called dragging him into the field

We slowed when we were by the forest lining the school. "Why are we head for the bleachers?" He wondered "you'll see... It where I go for peace."

When we got there we sat against the hidden oak tree and started to play 20 questions.

I learned we had the same birthday on February 1st, our favorite color is green, we both like romantic movies.. Blah blah..

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