Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


4. 4

"Where are you going?" Harry asked as I walked towards the door in black skinny jeans, an oversized jacket, and some black converse.

"Just because we live together doesn't mean you have to know everything." I snapped "sorry.." He mumbled "I'll be back later." I said and ran out the door and into my black convertible. I sped out of the driveway and down the road irritated. "You just had to call me right now." I growled to myself cursing my boss ed.

I drove to the ally and got out of my car and walked to the wall. I leaned up against it and pulled out my gun. I polished it slightly with a cloth and put in the bullets. I heard footsteps and I looked up to see a girl and the guy who owed me money.

"Not very smart bringing your girlfriend." I said staring him down "I just came to tell you that I don't have the money." He said "don't have the money?" I growled standing up from the wall "I need that money." I growled and started stalking towards them.

"J-just give me one more week." He begged "I gave you a week. Time is up." I said pointing the gun at him. I cocked it and aimed "I'm sorry." I said closing my eyes and pulling the trigger.

I opened my eyes to see him falling to the ground and the girl scream. I aimed he gun at her "no please." She begged I laughed unamused and walked towards her slowly grabbing her arm. "Do not scream or I'll shoot." I growled she nodded and I put my gun in the back of my pants pulling the oversized jacket over it.

I shoved her into the passenger seat and ran around the car. I stepped on the pedal jerking us forward. "Where are you taking me?" She whined "doesn't matter." I said "please.." She cried "shut up!" I screamed making her immediately shut her face.

I quickly drove to the drug shed and dragged her in. I banged on the door "name." The doorman demanded "jae. Let me in now." I growled

The door opened and I stormed In. I took her to eds office.

"I didn't get the money... He didn't have it. So I brought this instead." I said shoving the girl over to ed. He licked his lips and stood up. "Mm you would look better without any clothes..." He said walking to her.

He ripped off her clothes "I'm going." I mumbled and practically ran out of the building as I heard screams coming from that room. Tears sprung in my eyes but I held them in until I got to my car. "Bye jae!" Gary the door man called as I ran off "bye gar bear!!" I said faking my happy voice

I slammed my car door shut behind me and sped away breathing deeply, and shakily. When I got back to the little apartment and parked and leaned back in my seat. The tears finally slipped slowly down my cheeks. Soon I was gasping for breathe and I couldn't breathe.

I'm a horrible person. I do this for my own selfish reasons. I got caught up in all my problems. I have so many problems... I'm dragging everyone I talk to into a mess I can't get out of.

Soon I was calm enough to get out of the car. "Shit." I growled noticing my jacket, "I need to get rid of this." Noticing the blood all over it. I glanced up and saw Harry quickly moving away from the window "shit!" I growled realizing he saw everything. I looked at my jacket knowing he saw it. I didn't bother taking it off as I walked in. "Where were you?" Harry asked

Harry's pov

"Like I said before. None of your fucking business." She growled "nice blood." I chuckled "where did you get it?" I asked "shut up!" She screamed slamming me up against the wall "It's none of your fucking business Harry! Do not act like your so innocent!! You sell drugs, kill people, your a fucking illegal boxer, and you always have one night stands." She yelled I laughed "so you do realize that I could easily overpower you?" I asked with a smirk

"But we both know you would never do that" she said "how do you know?" I wondered as she gently pulled her hands from around my neck. "Ask your mother Harry.." She said softly looking down with a angered face.

She turned around and started walking away when I stopped her "why were you crying?" I asked she stopped in her tracks "I didn't want to be like my dad." She said "he was a monster, I promised to protect those I love, and I promised that I would never become a monster..." She laughed unamused "but look at me, I'm a monster. I'm the boogie man, the one who hides under kids bed at night, the one who lures in the dark, the one who follows people around." She paused taking a deep breathe

"But before I got into the drug business, I was one of those innocent girls who was stalked at night." She said "some people aren't lucky." She sighed

"Where is your dad now?" I asked she turned to look at me "he's tracking me down.." She whispered "he wants me and he wants Bryan. He's been trying to find me since I was seven." She said "what happened?" I asked "you really haven't heard?" She asked "other than people saying that your dad should have killed..." Then I stopped realizing what happened "he tried killing you.." I whispered

"He killed my mother and then my older brother. I was only seven but I wasn't stupid. I tricked my father, took Bryan and ran." She said "I ran a couple miles into the city, went to the cops, and I think I passed out because next thing I Know I'm with Kelly here." She added I let it all sink in and then she started up the stairs "I'm going to shower." She whispered and then disappeared.

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