Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


3. 3

I spent the weekend with Bryan watching movies and going around town hanging out.

"Maybe we should go shopping, you know for the apartment.. Maybe get your own bedspread and stuff..." Bryan suggested "good idea little bro." I smiled "come on, I'll roll the roof down." I said

His smile brightened and he ran out to the car. He started my car and was already rolling the windows down and getting the roof rolled back.

I smiled at him and got into the drivers seat. "Buckle up." I demanded he did as he was told and then I pulled out of our driveway.

"How's your eye?" I asked "still sore but much better." He smiled "good." I smiled

"Let's go buy you new clothes." He said "okay..." I agreed "what store?" I wondered "umm I don't know... Just go to the first one you drive by." He suggested I nodded

We walked into famous footwear to buy some shoes. I got black combat boots with spikes at the toes, and brown ones. I got brown sandals, Jesus shoes, long brown boots, and toms. I even decided to get Bryan a pair of J's

Then we went to Ross because they have cheap but adorable clothes. I bought black leather jeans, black skinny jeans, black skinny jeans with jewels lining the sides, satin skinny jeans that are pink, white skinnies, white ripped, faded jeans, orange, and blue.

I then went for shorts... Geometric print high waisted shorts, black high waisted shorts, butterfly print flowy shorts,vintage paisley print denim shorts, black denim shorts..

Skeleton print sheet blouse, geo print Crop top with shoulder spikes, lace paneled back button up blouse, floral tie button up shirt.

I just bought a bunch of things before going to a bedding store to get my own sheets and bed spread and pillows.

I got a bunch of pillows, zebra sheets, and a green bedspread. I got some glass night stands and some lamps. I even got some Christmas lights for the windows and stuff.

When we bought everything we drove to the house to get everything set up.

I unlocked the door and looked around. Right as you walked through the door there was a small living room with a black couch and a tv. Then there was a spiral staircase in the corner. The kitchen was connected to the living room on the right. Then there was a hallway that held two rooms, and a bathroom.

We walked up stairs finding another bathroom and two more rooms. We went to the very back of he hall finding a room with a balcony. "I get this one." I said "come on let's bring the stuff in." I said and with that Bryan and I ran down stairs and took three trips to finally get everything in one corner of my new room.

"Can you help me push the bed to the middle of the room?" I asked Bryan he nodded and we pushed it up against the wall and then out the sheets on along with the bedspread. While Bryan put the pillows on the bed, the nightstands up with the lamps, I put away all the clothes in the dresser and closet.

All my shorts, tank tops, and pjs went in the dresser while my pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses went in the closet.

We ran back to our house and I got all my makeup, hair stuff, and some other things..

"I'll stay until Kelly gets back because she should be here in a couple hours..." I said "okay so how long are you going to be living with him?" B asked "a whole month..." I groaned

"Haha loser.." He joked "just you wait mister. Karma will get you for being a tease." I joked he haut shoved me playfully

*an hour later*

"Kids??" I heard Kelly call opening the door "Kelly!" We yelled running through the house we tackled her wrapping our arms around her. "We missed you." We said pulling away "well I miss y'all too." She chuckled.

"I have some news.." I said "what's that?" She wondered walking into the kitchen. I grabbed the paper off the counter handing it to her "I have an assignment for school." I said as she skimmed over the words printed on the paper.

"Hmm.... Staying on your own.." She mumbled Bryan and I waited patently while she read. Then she looked up and gave me a small smile "well.... Good luck kiddo!" She chirped sarcastically. I rolled my eyes "this is going to be complete and utter hell." I said to her making her eyes crinkle and a beautiful sound fall from her mouth

I shook my head "well I hunk I should go Harry said he would meet me there at 4 and it's already 3..." I said "wait.. Take some money." She said "no. No it's okay, I don't-" "just take the damn money.." She chuckled handing me a huge roll of money. My eyes widened "dammmn!" I said "okay I'm going to get my school shit and then I'm off." I said and ran upstairs

I grabbed my school bag shoving all my a day and b day stuff in it before grabbing my makeup and hair stuff and running down the steps. "Bye Kelly!" I called and Bryan walked out to the car with me.

I threw my stuff in the car and turned to Bryan. I gave him a big huge hug and a small kiss on the forehead. "Call me if you need anything and please, if they try beating you up fight back this time." I said "you know I hate violence jae." He said "you know I hate seeing you beat up." I mocked "just please don't get hurt." I said giving him another hug "I love ya bud." I said as I got into my car.

I waved as I drove away. Soon enough Bryan disappeared... And I was gone.

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