Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


2. 2

I stand in front of my mirror tracing the long scar across my jaw line. I sigh and look away no longer able to stare at it. Trust me, I have plenty of scars, but this one brings back memories. Memories that I want hidden away.

"Jae!!" Kelly yelled, and instead of answering I walk down the stairs and find her in the kitchen "hmm?" I hum "I'm going out of town for two days I'll be back Sunday. I'm leaving at noon so I won't be here when you get back. I put money in the flower pot by he door. Use it for food and don't throw any parties." She said

"There isn't anybody worth throwing a party for or with." I mumbled she laughed "okay okay sorry." She said I sat down and ate a bowl of cereal waiting to drive Bryan to school.

5 minutes late Bryan comes prancing down the stairs.. Literally. "Hey B" I smiled standing up to hug him "hey jae-jae!" He smiled "are you ready to go?" I asked he nodded "yup." He answered with a grin

"Bye Kelly." I smiled "bye!" Bryan said with a wave

We got into my black mustang and he threw his stuff on the floor "can we pleeeaase roll the roof down?" He begged I looked into his puppy dog eyes "why? Why do you do that?" I mumbled with a sigh he smiled "yes!!" He grinned knowing he will get what he wants.

We rolled the windows down and then the roof. I plugged in my phone and turned on some dubstep. We turned the music up full blast as I sped down the road.

Within minutes Bryan is getting out of my car "bye b! I'll be here after school." I smiled he nodded "bye jae!" He said and ran off to meet his friends he turned and waved one last time before entering the building.

I smiled and drove away "now... Time for hell." I grumbled

"Late again miss Millard.." Mr zambini said as I walked in "no shit Sherlock." I said he rolled his eyes "just sit down." He demanded I made my way towards the back of the room to find a curly headed boy sitting in the spot next to mine. I glared at him and sat down.

I must admit, he was attractive. He had chestnut curls on his head, green eyes that pierced into yours, big muscles, and some tattoos that showed on his chest and arms. "Take a picture it lasts longer." He whispered I scrunched my eyebrows realizing I was staring at him

I scoffed and looked away, I heard him give a light chuckle "I'm Harry." He said in a deep raspy British accent "congrats." I said trying to ignore him "what's your name beautiful?" He asks "wouldn't you like to kn-" "jaelyn Millard! Quit your talking this instant!" Mr zambini yelled

When he turned around I flipped him off "hmm, jaelyn." Harry smirked "just jae." I mumbled "why does your name sound so familiar?" He asked "dunno." I said "wait.. Jaelyn Millard..... Nope doesn't ring a bell." He said

Ding ding ding!!

"Speaking of bell..." He laughed we got up and I made my way out. One step out of the classroom and the taunting has already begun.

"Oh jae!!" Kyle said in a sing-sing voice "fuck off." I growled "someone's on her period." He laughed I flipped him off and shoved him away Harry was next to me "not very friendly are you?" He asked "I have my reasons." I stated

Someone grabbed my arm and yanked me back "you don't shove me Millard!" He screamed "why couldn't your dad have killed you too?!" He asked I froze and looked him straight in the eye "shut up." I warned "yah.. He should have killed you too. It would make life so much easier." He said I looked around and then turned deciding to just walk away "he should have killed your brother too." He said I stopped in my tracks "that is it!" I yelled

I turned around and socked him right in the nose "you don't fucking talk about my brother! You can fuck with me but you fucking leave Bryan out of it!" I screamed I went to hit him again when arms wrapped around me "woah calm down, it's okay." I heard the British accent coo

I relaxed before pushing him away "get off." I said and stormed out of the school but of course Harry followed "go away." I growled "no. What was that about?" He asked "I said go away." I repeated

Then ed sheeran started to play on my phone I looked and noticed it was Bryan "Bryan?" I asked I heard sniffling "Bryan what's wrong?" I asked frantically "jae.. Please come get me." He cried "are you at school?" I asked "it was lunch jae. They beat me up." He cried "stay there." I demanded hanging up "I got in my car while Harry stood there stupidly "well? Are you coming?" I asked he quickly got in and i sped down the road not worrying about my seat belt

"Hold on." I demanded and I did a sharp U turn and sped towards the junior high. I pulled into the parking lot and slammed on my breaks. I stormed out of my car and towards my brother. He ran into my arms and I held him for a second. Then I pushed him at arms length.

He had a black eye, a swollen lip, and a bruised face. I clenched my fists "please don't." He begged I shook my head "who did this." I demanded "not again jae. Let's not do this" he begged again "no Bryan." I yelled "who fucking did this?" I yelled

He flinched and backed up. "I'm sorry." I sighed "god I'm sorry. I just-" I groaned and punched the brick wall. "Stop!" Harry yelled "fucking! They fucking touched my brother!" I yelled punching the wall again Harry grabbed my arms "jae stop it!" He screamed "let me go Harry!" I screamed "jae." Bryan whispered

I stopped and looked at him I grabbed his hand "your gonna show me B" I said taking him into the school with Harry hot on our heels Bryan sighed in defeat "biology." He mumbled I nodded and made a b line for the biology hall.

I walked into the class. I cleared my throat getting the teachers attention "mrs. Gale!" I said "j-jaelyn." She stuttered "which one is it Bryan?" I asked he pointed to three boys in the back "gale, I need those 3 boys." I demanded "I-I'm sorry jae I c-can't." She said "let me rephrase. Give me those boys mrs. Gale." I growled I looked at the boys "come here." I said

They slowly stood up and walked over. I pushed both of them into the hall "so I heard y'all beat up my brother?" I said "w-we didn't mean anything by it.." The blonde one stuttered "didn't mean anything." I laughed unamused

I grabbed two by the ears and the other walked in front of me. I walked into the counselers office "Holbrook!" I yelled "jaelyn?" I heard

She walked out and I shoved the three boys towards her "I want these boys in trouble! Their lucky I don't beat them to a pulp!" I yelled "what happened?" She asked "they beat my brother! Do you see this?!" I asked showing her my brothers face "I want you to fix this!" I screamed storming out

By the time I was next to my car I was calmed down slightly and Bryan was next to me rubbing my back. "Who is he jae?" He asked I looked to Harry "Harry, this is my baby brother Bryan." I said "Bryan this is Harry, he sort of stopped me from beating up Kyle." I said

Bryan took Harry's hand "thanks... She really would have pounded him 10 feet into the ground." Bryan laughed "sure looked like it." Harry agreed "get in the car." I said Bryan got in the back while Harry got he front

"I'll take you home Bryan. Kelly should still be there." I said he nodded and I drove home. I drove to our house and dropped him off. Then Harry and I drove back to the school.

"Thanks for stopping me from beating up Kyle." I said "anytime..." He smiled "umm.. Do you think we could hang out?" He asked "Harry, you don't want to get involved with me." I said "this was a one time thing." I added "jae, we aren't at all different. You seem to have a secret, and I have a secret." He said I got out walking towards the school "no Harry. I'm not what you think. This secret is so bad." I said "so bad, I could be arrested if anyone found out." I said "same here." He whispered

I growled "just stay away, I'm bad news." I said and walked in I got to my theater class right as the bell rang. I sniffed and sat down in the front mrs. Cole came over "are you okay?" She asked "can I talk to you after class?" I asked she nodded and walked to the front starting class

"Okay so we are going to have a group project today!" She smiled "well, it's more like a partner project." She said "this is something you'll have to do at home it will be due next week." She said "these are the instructions and I will announce your partner." She said right as Harry walked in

All the girls leaned forward and started drooling. Harry started right at me "oh kids, this is Harry! He is new to our school." Mrs cole smiled "Harry, go sit by Riley. Riley, please raise your hand."

Harry went and sat next to Riley staring at me the whole time. Class droned on for what felt like hours."okay so here are the instructions." Mrs cole smiled handing back papers "okay so I'm going to announce your partners and then we will get on with explaining this." She said

Riley and Ben

Kyra and jens

Lindsay and jake

Marisa and Jackson

Jae and Harry

-------- joy to the world ---------

Sarah and Elliot

Bobby and max

"Okay so that paper basically explains everything, but I'll give you the basics." She smiled "so your partner, as you have noticed, are both of the different gender. So we all know this is a child development class.." She said "this unit we are working in is parenting and marriage." She said my eyes slightly widened as I realized what she was saying... No, god please no.

"You and your partner will spend the whole month living together." She said...... And there goes the boom.......

"You guys will be living in the schools homes, they are all completely paid for, we have stalked the food, and you will move in Sunday." Mrs cole walked over to me "here are the keys to your home." She said I gave her a disgusted look "I'm sorry." She sighed and moved on giving the girls all the keys

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