Hes coming

"You have to live with your partner for a full month." Mrs. Cole said
I looked back at Harry and rolled my eyes realizing I was going to be stuck with him... For a month....


1. 1

This isn't a story you're probably expecting.. I'm not one of those innocent girls who wait for their knight and shining armor to come rescue her from the tower. No.. My story is definitely not that perfect. I'm not lucky enough to have a prince come and marry me.

One thing I've learned in my life is that I'm never going to lose my shoe and then have a prince find me just to give it back and marry me.

My story is much more complex. It's a pretty gruesome story really. I bet you're wondering what I'm rambling in about hmm? Well maybe I should explain a little bit?

My name is jaelyn millard. I currently live in Texas with my baby brother Bryan, and my 'mom' she isn't my real mom though. She found Bryan and I and took us in. But let me explain a little bit about my past, you'll understand better.

Let's go back to 2003 when I was seven.

I lived in California. Not the happy sunny Cali.. No this was the 'ill kill you if you look at me' part of Cali. I lived in the ghetto with my parents, my 17 year old brother nick, and my 2 year old brother Bryan.

So, my mom was a sweet woman, but she was stupid. She stayed with my dad for 20 years. But let me tell you about my dad, so you know why she was stupid.

My dad was an alcoholic and he had anger issues. Not a good combination, trust me. He would come home drunk, and he would be angry. He would beat my mom, and rape me.

My mom was stupid to stay with him. She refused to leave no matter how much he hurt her kids. But there's only one good thing about having a drunk dad. He was paranoid. I learned how to use a gun, how to defend myself, and... I can hide my emotions very well.

One day, he came him drunk off his ass. He came in yelling at himself and hitting the wall and knocking things over. My mom ran towards him to calm him down. But let me tell you now, NEVER, and I mean NEVER, try to calm an angry drunk down. It will it cause more problems.

So here's my mom trying to get my dad to chill, nick is holding me in his arms as I hold Bryan. We stand there silently as my mom starts crying. But something happens next that we never would have expected.

My dad grabs a candle stick. He lifts it up and then brings it down onto my moms head. Everything goes in slow motion as I hear a crunching sound and see my mom fall to the ground with a thump. Nick is shoving Bryan and I into the closet and running towards my dad.

I'm in shock. Pure and utter shock. I can't move. I can't breathe. I can't cry. All I can do is watch. All I can do is watch as my brother rips the candle stick from his dad's hands and throws it across the room.

I watch as my dad pulls out a switch blade. I watch as the knife enters my brothers chest. I watch as nick falls to the ground. "Run." He mouths before he's gone. His last words. To me. Save Bryan. Save yourself. Go jae go! My brain yells. I set Bryan down on the floor gently and grab a bat that was in the corner.

I pick it up and wait for my dad to turn. He doesn't, so I stand up and run. I run towards him and lift the bat. I hit his hand making the blade fall. "You little bastard!!" He screams

Before I see it coming his fist is connecting with my face. I feel his ring slide across my jaw.

I fall towards the ground dropping the bat. "Where Bryan?" He asked "I might as well get rid of him too." He said "I'll never tell you!" I say

He kicks me "where is he?!" He yells. I shake my head as he kicks me again... I hear a crack. Tears spring to my eyes as I form a plan "in his crib." I cry

He smiled and goes off. I get up feeling pain shoot through me. I kiss nick "I love you brother." I say and run to the closet. I pick up Bryan and look at him "I'll save you baby." I promise "where is he?!!" My dad screams my eyes widen and I run to the front door.

I slam it shut and run down the street. I hold Bryan close. Running with all my might. "You little shit!!" I hear my dad. I hear footsteps and then I look behind me to see him following me.

I run faster and faster. I need help. I need to get help!

I run through the streets until I reach the main city. I stop and catch my breathe. I start shivering and run to the police station...

Don't ask me what happened next though.. All I remember is being questioned, and then I'm running.

Now here I am, with Kelly. She found me somewhere in California. She took me and Bryan in and she kept us. She took us to her home in Texas. She's giving us everything..

Now I'm 17 and Bryan is 12. I haven't told Bryan about his real parents yet though. I can't do that to him. I couldn't ever tell him. I've tried multiple times but everytime i do I get sick and chicken out.

So another thing about me. I'm a drug dealer. I go to school, I beat people up, I get in trouble. I taught Bryan to use a gun and how to fight. I need to make sure he's safe.

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