50 Stories

Sometimes, the help we need in the present, comes from the past. All you need to do is listen.


1. Peak (Prologue)

Everyone always says that there’s two types of people in the world. The Pessimists and the optimists. But I think, in my somewhat over analyzing and scientifically cynical brain, that those people are wrong. There are two types of people but not those types. There are those that look up and those that look down. Take that as you will, metaphorically or physically. But let me prove it. A kid dreams of being an astronaut his whole life. He stares at the stars, hoping that one day he can just get that tiniest bit closer to them. Eventually, his hoping pays off. Because that kid gets trained, shoved in a rocket and shot into space. At the point, he doesn’t have to look up, because he’s there.

Then there are those that look down. These are the kids that get bullied. The kids with the broken families and horrible lives. Who spend all their time letting life get to them. They stare at the ground and hope that they could just dig a hole and hide in it. And you know what? Those kids end up doing just that. They die, they get shoved in a hole and are shut out of the world.

Of course, even as sure as these two groups sound, there’s a secret not many people know. That hidden in all of us, is a third group. The tertiary clique. These are the people who look right in front of them, Maria. These are the kids that just run and run and roll in the grass. These are the kids that laugh at the bullies. These are the kids that don’t need any specific goal because they’re happy.

Now these three groups normally come in moderation with each other. We all have moments of each one of them. But what I want you to do is to listen to me and control them. For this once, look straight forward. Look around you. See the beauty, or acknowledge the pain, whatever. Just open your eyes and use your ears. Feel the stiff breeze in your hair, bracing isn’t it? Feel the goosebumps on your arm and the stone beneath your feet. Now swallow the lump in your throat and let me tell you a story.

The human race can sometimes be quite selfish. We like listening to our own voices. We love being heard. It’s when we’re ignored that things go wrong. So much so, that we sometimes forget that everyone else has a story. Everyone has trauma and love to share. We have all felt. It’s our stories that take us to beautiful places, Maria. It’s our love that can crown us king of the world. It’s our hurt that can cut us down in an instant. And if you can’t admire the beauty in that then perhaps you ought to be thinking a little harder.

I have a story to tell you. It’s not my favorite story, but it’s the one i know best. It’s quite long. In fact, it’s based on true events. And it’s still being written. And you know what? I could re-read every single moment and never regret a second of it. Because it’s this story that has taken me to the places I needed to go. Not necessarily the places I wanted to go, but the places and times i needed to see. It’s this story, that brought me up here. It’s this story that has brought me here, to tell you this story. So by whatever power controls our lives and our brains. Sit down and listen. It’s going to get rough.

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