The Story of Ariana Scott

Ariana Scott's parents were killed when she was 4 years old. She was adopted by a vampire who saved her life. Her guardian was killed and she was abandoned by the age of 13. By chance she ran into Darren Shan, a half-vampire teenage boy who quickly becomes her friend and together they find a place to belong.


1. Prologue

It was a dark, rain filled night when my parents were killed. I was four years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in my purple themed bedroom, sat on my small white metal framed bed. I sat colouring even though I was meant to be sleeping, I never went to bed on time or at least fell asleep on time. The wind howled past my window and the winter effected tree branches whooshed by, hitting the glass lightly. That’s when I heard it. From downstairs there was an almighty smash, followed my my parents yelling. I carefully got out of bed, clutching my stuffed toy rabbit to my chest and followed the yells downstairs. The light in the hall was off and I had to navigate myself slowly through the dark. The yells increased and there was a large smashing sound before it fell silent.

“Mummy?” I muttered quietly as I made my way down the stairs “daddy?” I turned the corner and peered into my living room and gasped. Lying on the ground in front of me was the bodies of my mother and father. My mother's red hair was was stained with blood and her throat had been slit. My father's blue eyes were lifeless and his chest had been ripped. Then I saw him, the purple skinned, blood red haired creature that was sucking blood from my fathers cut wrist. I stared at him with tears stinging my eyes and my body trembling. My parents. Dead.


I was stood there for a few minutes till the man looked up and saw me. His lips were the same blood colour as his hair and he grinned. His blood stained teeth caused me to whimper in terror which made him grin even more.

“Good evening sweetheart” his voice had a harsh, brittle quality to it “I’m afraid you’ve caught me at a bad time” he stood up and stepped over my parents bodies “but don’t worry, it’ll be over soo-” Before the purple creature could finish his last word there was a blur of light and he went flying and crashing into the wall next to him. I blinked to try and get a grip of the situation and saw another man, stood over the purple man.

“You should know this is completely wrong” the mysterious man spoke calmly “even for Vampaneze like you.” Vampaneze? What was a Vampaneze.

“I marked them” the Vampaneze remarked with a slight spit,

“No, you marked him not them both, you’ve done wrong” the man raised his fist which I then saw was holding a sharp looking dagger. The Vampaneze hissed and moved to attack but the man was too quick and before I could realize what was happening, the Vampaneze was dead and the man was standing next to him with his dagger drenched in blood. The man sighed, wiped the dagger on the Vampaneze’s clothes and put it back in his belt. He glanced at my families corpses and sighed again before he turned to leave but he spotted me. He stared at me for a moment as tears trickled down my face so he moved towards me. I was too terrified to move so I let him.

“M-my mummy… M-my daddy” I spluttered through tears as he knelt down in front of me. He looked me up and down and sighed,

“My names Alaric Ascott” he introduced himself with a small, friendly smile “what’s your name?”


“Ah, Yana” he smiled but I shook my head,

“No Ariana…”

“That’s what I said, Yana” it made me giggle that he wouldn’t say my name correctly but that’s when it hit me. He was doing it on purpose to cheer me up! And it worked. “Look Yana, do you have anyone who can look after you?” I shook my head and tears began to fall again.

“I want mummy and daddy!” I cried trying to run past him to my parents dead bodies, but he stopped me and held me in his arms to calm me.

“Shh” he shushed me, stroking my hair lightly “if you’ll let me, I’ll take care of you…” I pulled away from his hug and looked up to him. He was pale with light brown eyes and slightly lighter brown hair, almost verging on grey hair. But he was trustworthy. I was young but I could tell he would have looked after me. I nodded slowly and he smiled at me reassuringly, “alright princess, go get some clothes and i’ll take you home”. He let me go and I rushed upstairs, taking my Barbie backpack and tossing clothes into it. Once my clothes was packed I carefully placed my stuffed rabbit inside and zipped it up. I turned and Alaric was stood in front of me holding out a photo frame. I took it and inside was a family photo of myself, my mother and father. It was taken at christmas, you could tell by the reindeer antlers my father was wearing and Santa had my mother was holding on my head as I laughed. I looked at the picture and smiled up at him with tears in my eyes so I turned and placed it into the front pocket on my bag and slung it over my shoulder. Alaric came over and lifter me up, taking me out of my room I asked,

“Where are we going?”


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