The Story of Ariana Scott

Ariana Scott's parents were killed when she was 4 years old. She was adopted by a vampire who saved her life. Her guardian was killed and she was abandoned by the age of 13. By chance she ran into Darren Shan, a half-vampire teenage boy who quickly becomes her friend and together they find a place to belong.


2. Chapter One

I woke up in at 11pm in a dark room. With a yawn I turned on my side and reached for my bedside lamp. The light flashed on and I flinched at the brightness up got up never the less. My orange painted walls made the room seem brighter then it was and I yawned again as I made my way out of my room and to the bathroom.

It had been almost nine years since the incident with my parents and now I was thirteen and Alaric Ascott was my guardian, my father. He never told me why we woke so late but he promised when I was old enough to understand. Today was that day I told myself every morning but it never was. Until today.

“Yana!” Alaric called from his room “I need to speak with you.” I left the bathroom while tugging a hair brush through my knotted red hair and made my way to his room. He’d never let me in there before and anytime i’d see him was downstairs or in the halls of the house. I knocked on his door, he always told me to knock if someone had invited you to their room or home. “Come in” he ordered from the other side of the door and placing my hair brush down on the table by his room I entered.

Alaric’s room was dark and huge with dark red curtains shut across the window. I glanced over and he was stood next to a long black box that I didn't know what it was till I got closer. A coffin. I went a little wide eyed and moved quicker to look at it. It was a black wooden coffin with red lining on the inside. He watched me look at it and a small smile formed when I was finished.

“Why do you have this?” I asked looking up and him and running my fingers across the varnished wood.

“I sleep in it” he told me simply.


“The coffin is where I sleep” he said moving forward, “listen princess, I haven’t been completely honest with you about things…”

“What do you mean?” I asked stepping away from him.

“Please… Don’t think any less of me, I meant to tell you when I first took you in but you wouldn't understood at your age.”

“What is it I wouldn't understand?”

“Princess… I’m a vampire.”


I never believed vampires to have existed, but after what had happened to my mother and father it was hard not to believe it. My parents had been killed by a Vampaneze, a creature with purple skin and blood red lips and hair. They feed off human blood, which is why they killed my family but I was about to make a mistake.


“You’re one of them?” I asked in disbelief, “you’re one of those creatures that killed my parents?” tears started to fill my eyes.

“No it’s not like that-”

“Yes it is!”

“No! Let me explain”

“Why?” I snapped at him “I trusted you! To raise me! To be my dad… You've broken that trust! You lied to me…”

“No I would never do that…”

“Then what did you just do?”

“I didn't tell you everything, that’s what I did” he tried to explain but it wasn't going to work so simply. “Princess-”

“Don’t call me that!”


“Or that!” He paused for a moment and nodded.

“Ariana, the creature that killed your parents was a Vampaneze, a creature that started off as a vampire but was corrupted by their thirst for blood” he explained slowly “Vampires don’t kill the human they feed from, they knock them out, take what they need then heal them and leave. Vampaneze kill and take all the blood from one person.” I didn't know what to think about what he was saying to me but I knew it had to be true.

“You’re telling me… That I've been living with a vampire for the last nine years and I didn't even know?” He nodded sadly causing me to scoff,

“If you want to leave me, i’ll understand…”


“No?” He moved towards me again but this time I stayed still.

“You’re my dad, I trust you and if you were going to hurt me you would have by now... “

“So… You’re okay with this?” I nodded reluctantly and he rushed towards me and hugged me tightly. “I love you princess” he whispered in my ear causing me to grin.


Alaric and myself didn't talk much about the subject apart from the odd question and answer session. I learnt that being a vampire gave him tough nails and teeth, he had special breath that could knock out a human and his spit could heal wounds. He told me about the process of how to become a vampire called blooding and the rules of blooding. Then he asked a question that would change my life.


We were sat around our mahogany dining table eating a meal of steak and chips when he brought it up.

“Yana I have to ask you a question…” I looked up from my plate to see he hadn't touch any of his food.

“You haven’t eaten” I told him picking a piece of steak up with my fork and placing it in my mouth. Alaric shook his head and pushed the plate away,

“Forget the food” he snapped unexpectedly causing me to jump slightly.

“Okay” I mumbled pushing my plate away a little bit so he sighed,

“I’m sorry, I didn't mean to scare you” he breathed slowly, “it’s just this is really important.”

“What is it?” I asked resting my elbow on the table and my head on my hand.

“I want you to become a vampire with me.”

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