Charlie is my World

Charlie is a 16 year old boy that I meet when I move to Britian, we connected real fast, he has a brother, well he's not really charlies brother, but they went on BGT together and are insepriable, his "bro's" name is Leondre and he's really cool, u learn more later on...... of and BTW im jada im 15.


3. The "ask out"

  Jada's P.O.V

When Charlie kissed me, I could feel my heart stop. I kissed him back softly, oh wow, he was a great kisser. When he backed up to end the kiss I ask "what was that for". He lookes at me and says "cause u took us out for food and paid, I think the guy is suppost" "well it was my treat" I reply. When Leo got back to the car we all went back to the shcool and got ready for 6th hour. We walk inside, Leo dosnt know what happened, I hope. "Ummm, Jada?" says Charlie "yea" I say, "Would you like to go on a date with me?" (good thing Leo wasnt around) "uhh yea, I would love to" I reply. Im so glad he dosn't know my secrets......

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