Charlie is my World

Charlie is a 16 year old boy that I meet when I move to Britian, we connected real fast, he has a brother, well he's not really charlies brother, but they went on BGT together and are insepriable, his "bro's" name is Leondre and he's really cool, u learn more later on...... of and BTW im jada im 15.


1. Meeting Charlie

Walking down the hall at my new school, I ran into a blonde haired boy who was actually kinda cute, I actadentally drop all of my books, "oh, are you ok?" he asked. "Yea im fine" I say. He starts helping me pick up my books and the bell rings, "oh shit" me and him say at the same time, we look at each other and giggle. "Well what class do you have" he asked, "I have english, what about you?" "same" I giggle slightly, "well since im new, can u show me to class?" "of course" he says. We walk to English class and the teacher askes why were both late. "we, um, kinda had a head on colision with each other, i dropped my books, he helped me pick them up and the bell rang, I didnt know where the class was so I asked him if he knew and it turned out we have the same class" I say in one breath, "I see" says the teacher "well get to ur seats, ummm Jada is it?" "yes ma'am" "It turns out that you'll have to sit with charlie" "umm who is Charlie?" i ask, the boy who I ran into, stood up and said "umm we havnt been introduced properly, im Charlie"  "Jada" I say,  he held out his hand and i shook it. "Well you two better talk a seat" "Yes ma'am' we both say.

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