Charlie is my World

Charlie is a 16 year old boy that I meet when I move to Britian, we connected real fast, he has a brother, well he's not really charlies brother, but they went on BGT together and are insepriable, his "bro's" name is Leondre and he's really cool, u learn more later on...... of and BTW im jada im 15.


2. Lunch Time...yummmm

   Charlie's P.O.V

 I walk up to Leondre after class and tell him all about Jada. "She's perfect in everyway" I say. "Wow, she does sound perfect, when can I meet her?" ask Leo (short for Leondre)  "Well let me go look for her, ok?" I say "ok" says Leo. I go off to look for her, she was easy to spot, light brown hair, black Nirvana shirt, blue skinny jeans, a black beanie, glasses and red vans. She's so much different than any other girl. God, just thinking about her gives me a boner. I walk up to her, "Hey Jada" I say, "Oh hey Charlie" she says. "My friend Leo wants to meet you, I told him all about you and I think he likes you a little, c'mon" i say, "ok" she says. We walk up to the lunch table where me and Leo sit every day, "Jada, this is Leo". Leo walks up to her and takes her hand and kisses it. Now, I think im a little jealous. "Leo meet Jada, Jada meet Leo". She blushed as Leo kissed her hand, "Well you guys wanna get some food? We are allowed to leave school for food right?" she askes. "yea we are" I say "ok lets go" she says. I look at her and then at Leo, "but we dont drive" I say, she goes in her bag and gets some keys "but I do" she says. We go to Nando's for lunch, as we finally get done eating, Leo hops out of the car "i'll be back" he says (we were parked in the parking lot, eating) "where you going" Jada askes. "To pee" he says. He walks in the building and I do something I have never done before, I took Jada's hand, leaned in and kissed her. God it felt so good to have my first kiss. when i backed up to end it, she looked at me and asked "what was that for?". I look at her and say "cause u took us out for food and paid, I think the guy is suppost to pay" "well it was my treat" she says.


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