Across A Thousand Oceans

have you every had that moment where you know your in love.... But with who?

Where are they? When will you see them?
How will you meet? What are they doing?


6. Ma Lady

Ashton's POV

"And what are your names" I said

"Well I'm Payton" said the girl beside Calum

"And I'm Olivia" said Luke's girl

" Oh well I guess it's my turn so: hello I'm makenzie but you can call me " Kenzie "" said the ambred haired girl next to Micheal. They look so comfortable next to eachother.

Their so cute.

"And you "Ma Lady"" I said while curtsying in front if this beautiful lady.

She smiled and started giggling, that's when I noticed she had a dimple and how cute she looked in sweats and a braid even though she looked like she wanted to pass out. She was still cute.

"Well "Mr.Irwin" my name is Moriah " she said

That is such a pretty name, I couldn't stop smiling. She looked at me, started laughing then hit me in the arm

"You shouldn't have done that" I said giving her a misjeious smile.

"Why...?!" Said All the girls looking confused

"Is she ticklish?" Asked Micheal to Makenzie

"Yess, she's probably the most ticklish person I know... Why?"

Micheal gave her " the look" then nodded towards me. I smiled

"Ohhhhhh damn " said Kenzie

I turned back toward Moriah to see her closing the bathroom door with her luggage in her had? What was she doing ?

About 3 minutes later: she can out with a long summer dress that was this really cool pattern, it was see through from just above the knee down. It showed off all her curves and perfect imperfections.

She walked up to me, hands on hips and smiled.

"Where were we........ Ohhh now I remeber; you hit my arm and now I bet I will have a bruise so I was going to teach you a lession." I said

" ohh really and how r u going to do that?"she said

" well I got information from a little birdy that someone is ticklish" I said raising an eye brow

"Well I'm not!"

"Oh really?" I said picking her up and tickling her so much she couldn't stop laughing

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