Across A Thousand Oceans

have you every had that moment where you know your in love.... But with who?

Where are they? When will you see them?
How will you meet? What are they doing?


5. James Bond

Moriah's POV

After that drive to the airport, we got all our stuff checked out and we were ready to go and we had extra time. So of course we went to TIM HORTANS. Me, Makenzie and Payton got ice Capps and Olivia got a hot chocolate.

" this is the thing I will miss most"

"What" Olivia said

"The coffee duhhhhh" we all said

Then we all started laughing till our flight was called.

Makenzie's POV

We loaded on to the plane. I was sitting in the window seat beside Payton. We both slept the whole way there

Moriah's POV

I sat in the window seat lisening to music until I fell asleep.

I woke to the sound of us landing, I turned and saw the airport. I turned and noticed that Olivia was the only girl still sleeping so I woke her up.

Olivia's POV

I woke up to Moriah shaking me yelling

" we here , were here Olivia wake up"

Moriah's POV

we got off the plane and the first thing I thought was " I need coffee"

We got all our baggage and started walking around asking if there was any Tim Hortans. I got so many looks, am I speaking English or nah.

I finally ran into a group of guys, that didn't give me that look.

"Hi, Um do you know where I can find a Tim Hortons?"

"Ahh, you must be Canadian" one boy asked

" Yess, why"

"Well no other country has Tim Hortans"

"How would you know?"

"Well I was born here, I have been to canada,USA,UK and some others and Canada is the only place that has timmies"

"Well do you know where I can get a coffee"

"Follow me"

The other I followed him, the girls behind me and the boys behind him. We stoped at a Starbucks.

" this is Starbucks "

"Really!!...... I know what Starbucks is"

" ok then what do you want"

"I don't know... I kinda just wanted a ice Capp "

"Coming right up"

I looked at the girls; they just shrugged then I looked at the guys ; they gave me a weak smile

"And you guys" he said pointing to the girls and guys

They all just shrugged

"Ok then" he said looking at me a giggling, that's when I saw he has dimples; cute

He told the lady "two ice Capps please"

" coming right up mr. Irwin"

"Thanks barb" he said with a laugh

"You know eachother?"

"Yeah I stop here everytime I fly"

" oh ok"

"Two ice Capps for Mr. Irwin and this beautiful lady" barb said

"Thank you barb" I said as I was getting my wallet out, but he beat me to it

"No I was going to buy those" I said

"I wouldn't be a gentalmen if I let you buy our drinks"

"Ok then" I said looking back to the girls

We walked in total silence till makenzie broke the silence.

"So wear are your bags"

"In the back room" said the boy with the red hair looking at Kenzie

"Oh" the both blushed

We followed them to the "back room"

"Why do u have this room" Payton asked

"Cause we need to calm down before we go out "there"" the boy with the blacky blond hair said

"Ok?" All us girls said

"So what are your names" Olivia asked so bluntly

"I'm Luke " said the blond one moving closer to Olivia

" I'm Micheal" said the red head moving closer to Kenzie

"I'm Calum" said the blacky blond hair guy putting his arm around Payton

"And I'm Irwin, Ashton Irwin " he said laughing

"Thank you James Bond" I said laughing

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