Across A Thousand Oceans

have you every had that moment where you know your in love.... But with who?

Where are they? When will you see them?
How will you meet? What are they doing?



Payton's POV

I'm pretty sure I woke them up;)

Moriahs POV

After I woke up from that terrible noise, I decided I would get ready for the day.

I washed my face, mosterized my face ( I don't get that much acne, I know lucky right), put my hair in a messy braid, put my "roots" sweat pants on and an orange tank top on finnaly I put my mocosins on.

I texted Payton and told her I was ready.

Olivia's POV

After I woke up from Payton's " lovely" awaking, I decided to get ready.

I took a quick shower, then brushed my hair and put it in a benie, did my makeup. Then I put my black jogging pants on with a "Guns & Roses" shirt and my running shoes on.

I texted Payton and told her I was ready

Makenzie's POV

I woke up to payton well " being payton" and I decide to get ready.

I'm not going through everything cause every girl does the same soo ya . Well today in wearing grey sweatpants and a black crop top with my hair in a ponytail.

When I finished I called payton and told her I was ready.

Payton's POV

I got a text from all three girls that they were ready. I got all my things and but in the back of the car. Then I left for Makenzie's apartment.

Makenzie's POV

I got everything ready and went to the living room. I went on Twitter and twitted

" So long Toronto, Hello Sydney "

I got a text from Payton telling me that she was out side. I went downstairs and but my bags in the back and hoped in SHOTGUN.

Moriah's POV

I took all my stuff down stairs and sat on the couch. I was scrolling through twitter when I say Makenzie's tweet; I favourite it and retweeted it. I heard a loud honk coming from out side so I grabed my bags, went outside locked the door and threw my bags in Payton's black hummer.

Olivia's POV

I was all done getting ready so I went out to the living room with all my bags. I went on to twitter and say Makenzie's tweet so being the friend I am I, favourited it and retweeted it. I heard a long *beep* come from outside and I knew it was payton so I grabed my bags and left my home. I put my bags in the back and jumped in. Airport here we come!!!

Payton's POV

On the way there we sang a bung of songs. We sang; bang bang by Jessie j, Ariana grande and Nikki. Shake it of by Taylor swift. Little me by little mix and steal my girl by one derection.


Guys I'm a tottaly Canadian. In Canada we spell colour not color, favourite not favorite. And I will take about Tim Hortans which ps. Is my life!!

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