Across A Thousand Oceans

have you every had that moment where you know your in love.... But with who?

Where are they? When will you see them?
How will you meet? What are they doing?


7. Drummer That's Hot

Moriah's POV

"ASHTON STOPPPP PPLLEASEE!!" A said through all my laughing

"NEVER" he said

He stoped for a second to look around and saw all the girls and guys in a big tickle fight. We both started laughing. He was still laughing when I started tickling him, we stated having a tickle fight. We were laughing so much, we didn't even notice that we were both on the floor. I was tickling him and he was tickling me. We were laughing so hard that some one came in and asked if we were "Ok".

When the person came in we all stoped dead in our tracks.

"Is everything okay?" Asked a man

When he asked we all stared at him, then started laughing. He figured that everything was ok, so he left us.

We all got ourselves together and Acually started taking LIKE PEOPLE.

They told us they are In a band Luke was the lead singer and plays guitar, Micheal plays guitar, Calum plays bass and Ashton plays the drums.

We told them that we are bestfriends and that we have known eachother since middle school. We kinda sing as a hobby. We are all 18 and 19.

After all our talking, the same man came in and told us that it was time and that the car was here...

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