Across A Thousand Oceans

have you every had that moment where you know your in love.... But with who?

Where are they? When will you see them?
How will you meet? What are they doing?


2. Days before

Moriah's POV

In a day we are taking a plane to Austraia. Right now I am text the girls asking what I should pack.

(Payton-P. Olivia-O. Makenzie-M. Moriah-MO)

MO- what do I need to pack


M- pack something fancy, I want to go out for dinner when we arrive

O-I only have jeans and t-shirts

MO- I only have two suit cases

M- then your screwed

P- haha loser

O- I'm packing sweat pants

MO- me too

P- no you can't, what r u goig to wear on the plane

O-this is why u are coming

M- and to give is derections

P- you love me

MO- I will love you more when it's not 11:30 at night

P- get to sleep wake up call at 6:30am


M- whyyyyy

MO- that's too early

P- do you want to go or not

O-yes of course

MO- yeah

P- then get your asses up at 6:30

M- what times the plane leaving

P- 7:30

MO- fine

O- night

M- night ladies

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