Just Saying ∴ l.h

" He says he loves you
But it's all an act
He's seeing someone else right behind your back
You know I'd never do that
Just saying "

@ Cuddling With Niall

All rights reserved

( May contain drug and alcohol use and sex. Read at your own risk )


3. Chapter 2

Chapter Two

As I walked towards the lunch room trying to spot the usual people I eat lunch with, Remmington comes up behind me as he places his hands on my waist. I bite on my bottom lip as I spot Luke by himself as the gang should be there soon. He sat by himself at the usual table away from everyone else.

"Why don't you sit with my friends and I?" Remmington asked as his cool minty breathe hit my neck making the hairs on my neck stand up. "I mean, get to know my friends" he added as I turned around and smiled at him.

"I'll sit with you guys tomorrow. I'm going to sit with Luke" I said as he nodded biting his lip.

"Okay" he shrugged after walking away, his black boots thudding on the school floors as his chains in his pocket rattled against his thigh after every step he took.

I turned away from the direction Remmington went in as I made my way to the table. Only Luke was here as I dropped my tray of food on the table.

Luke nodded in my direction letting me know he noticed my appearance as I rolled my eyes at his actions realizing he is still pissed off at me

"Why are you upset about this?" I groaned as I held my head in the palm of my hands as I looked at him through the corner of my eye as he shrugged seeming to ignore me.

"He's just going to hurt you Hazel Grace, and I won't be there picking up the pieces this time" he said cooly as he had a sip of his water.

"He's not going to hurt me Lucas Robert" I said cooly as well as I turned to him, Luke repeating my actions.

"Apparently you don't know the girls he dates Hazel" he scoffed as I quirked an eyebrow. "He acts all sweet and funny and cute but he's just using that as a cover to hide how much of a cunt face he is" Luke said taking a bite from his sandwich Liz always seems to make before she leaves for work.

I stare at Luke intently before groaning as I picked my tray up.

"Where are you going?" Luke yelled as I began to stand up

"Away from you as you find bull shit ways to judge people" I yelled back as I turned around looking at him hard in the eyes.

"Running away from the truth I see?" Luke smirked as I bit my lip as we've never fought like this. "Running away from me because you know I'm right" he said taking a step towards me.

"Fuck off Luke" I spat as I turned away from him as he grabbed onto my arm.

"If you get a broken heart because of him, don't tell me because I'll have figured out by now." He snarled as I looked at him tears brimming my eyes.

"You're such an asshole" I said as he looked at me blankly, and shrugged.

"Really? Ever since he asked you to hang you've been completely different. Come back and talk to me after you've been done acting like a total bitch!" He said back as he looked at me sadness filled his eyes as he looked at me

I turned around quickly as I made my way to Remington's table. I plopped my tray down as I sat next to him as he turns and looks at me

"You okay?" He asks with sympathy in his voice

"No" I croak out as I let tears fall looking at my lap as he wraps his arms around my tiny frame. He pulled me in as I rested my head on his chest as he continued talking to his group of friends.

"Did Luke do something?" He asked as I nodded as he sighed. "That asshole had to mind his own business" he spat as I looked at him.

"He is just trying to protect me" I said defending Luke.

"How is he doing that? I heard him call you a bitch, friends don't do that Hazel" he said as I nodded not wanting to fight

"I don't want to talk about him please" I begged looking towards him as he looked at me softly as he looked towards Luke as I looked in the direction also. Luke was freaking out, ashton kept him still by holding his shoulders as he looked to me and shook his head. I felt guilty.

I saw Michael and Calum walk towards us as I ducked my head hoping Id go unnoticed, my plan didn't work out

"Remington, don't you have anything better to do than to take advantage of girls?" I heard michael scoff as I looked at him pissed. He does not have a right to do that.

"Michael don't!" I said raising my voice as I stood up abruptly.

"You're actually buying this shit he's feeding you?" Calum stepped in. I looked to Calum, shocked he would do this.

"He's not selling me anything! He may have I don't know, changed?" I asked looking at my two best friends. They sure weren't acting as them.

"In just two hours Hazel Grace, you've fucking changed and Luke is flipping his shit! You know how he stopped drugs?" Michael said as I looked at him wide eyed. "He wants a fucking joint because of the stress and how much of a bitch you've acted towards him" michael finished as I looked to Calum who frowned at me.

Have I changed?

No, I hate that they judge someone on their past.

"If you were actually my friends. You'd stop judging my other friends" I said looking at them as they nodded.

"Whatever" michael said as he turned around and walked back to the table. I looked to Calum who shrugged and back his way to the table the rest sat at.

I plopped onto my seat as Remington put his arm around my waist and brought me into him as a i lay my head on his shoulder.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast as I make my way towards Selena's car. I stood against it as it unlocked allowing me into the vehicle.

Selena waltzed her way into the car as she turned to me getting all serious

"What?" I snapped as she rolled her eyes at my sudden behaviour. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed for a hour before going to Remington's place.

"There's gossip going around the school about you and a certain asshole" she said as I groaned.

"He isn't an asshole" I said as she scoffed

"My best friend dated Remington, he's bad news Hazel" she said as I shook my head

"He's sweet and nice and I'm going there in an hour so just drive me home." I said as she signed driving us home as I relaxed in the seat.

I heard my sister turn the car off as I ran upstairs fixing myself before I have to make my way to Remington's.

I took off my skinny jeans and put on a thong or whatever as I slipped on leggings not wanting underwear lines to show. I took my shirt off as I put deodorant on as I found my black Blink-182 baggy shirt. I brushed my hair as I quickly straightened it as I placed my maroon beanie back on my head. I grabbed my black boots as I made my way downstairs with my coat and phone as I saw Remington's car out front.

Yelling bye as I ran to his car and got in the front seat.

I turned to him as he pecked my cheek.

"Ready?" He asked

"Ready as I'll ever be" I said smiling as we drove off to his place.

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