Just Saying ∴ l.h

" He says he loves you
But it's all an act
He's seeing someone else right behind your back
You know I'd never do that
Just saying "

@ Cuddling With Niall

All rights reserved

( May contain drug and alcohol use and sex. Read at your own risk )


1. blurb

As I sit around the table with my beer in front of me as I take a swig angrily thinking about my best mate and her asshole of a boyfriend.

I can treat her way better but she ends up with him. He cheats on her, he lies to her, he treats her like shit and I still don't understand what the hell she sees in him.

"It'll be okay" my older brother told me as he sat across the table from me, a beer can in his hand as the lamp in the corner gave us the only lighting in the room.

"No it won't" I said back in a harsh tone as I looked at him apologetically as he nods understanding my situation. "He treats her like shit and I don't understand why she still loves him" I said shaking my head as my brain was tired of this.

I've known her since we were born, I grew up with her and she still runs to that asshole after every argument we have. He tells her it'll be okay and then he beats the shit out of me. But, of course she doesn't give a shit about me as she always seems to be around him and his asshole friends.

"Luke, maybe she can't get out of the relationship. Maybe he tells her she can't leave or he'll hurt you and her" my older brother Jack said as I groan holding my head in my hands.

"But she would tell me. We tell each other everything." I said looking at him as he sighed. I heard the upstairs door as my eyes grew wide

"Luke? Is that you up?" I heard my mum say as she came down the stairs as I chugged my beer and threw it out. Jack handed me a piece of gum realizing what mum would do if she caught the smell of alcohol on me on a school night.

"Yeah" I sighed as I held my head in my hands as she ascended into the kitchen looking between Jack and I.

"Why are you two up? Luke you know it's a school night and Jack you have a interview tomorrow" my mum rambled as I zoned out.

"Luke couldn't sleep and we talked for a bit. He should head to bed now" Jack said as I nodded. I got up from the table I sat at for a few hours just explaining my love for Hazel. And my burning fire hate for her boyfriend, Remington.

What the hell kind of name is Remington? It sounds like a dogs name in all fairness.

"Luke go to bed its two in the morning" my mum said as I kissed her cheek walking up to my room and falling on my bed face first.

I turned onto my back as I stared at the ceiling. At this moment Hazel is ignoring me because her boyfriend said something that wasn't true and now she hates me.

I heard my phone vibrate as I leaned over grabbing it as I notice the text from Hazel.

Hazel :) : I can't sleep. Can I come over?

I stare at the text and debate what to reply with.

Luke : why don't you ask your boyfriend?

I sent as I curled into the blanket as my phone went off again.

Hazel :) : lukeeeee please?

I groaned as I replied with something I didn't want to .

Luke : I'm not really in the mood Hazel

Hazel :) : what's wrong?

Luke : nothing. Go to bed.

Then I turned my phone off as I fell asleep thinking about Hazel's widened eyes at my last reply.



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