He wasnt going to give her up. Not for anything.


1. Torture


I opened my eyes for the first time in what seemed like several days. Several days of being forced in and out of a dark, empty consciousness for only seconds before being forced back into sleep. My brain still wasn't aware of anything so it took me a while to adjust to the bright light that shone in a white spotlight around me. The floor was covered in white tiles and the smell of disinfectant proved to me that I was once again in the Capitol. Everything else was in darkness apart from a small, rectangular light that came from at least 200 away and 200 meters up. Apart from that I was alone, and whereever in President Snows twisted city I was, it wasn't good. 

"Katniss" I whispered silently looking frantically from left to right. I had no idea what this place was but I didn't want Katniss sharing the same fate I was most likely to endure. I couldnt see anything past the spotlight surrounding me so I tried to move out of it but not a single inch of my body would move.I looked up to see mhands, strung up way above my head a good meter apart with tight, metal chains that were wrapped so tight on the skin on my wrists that they burnt with the contact. My feet were also bound a shoulders width apart with the same metal restraints as my wrists, holding my body so tight that I shouldn't even bother trying to escape. I had been stripped of all my clothes apart from the white, cloth shorts I went into the arena with, and three small squares of plastic placed over my heart, stomach and the middle of my forehead. 

"Katniss" I whispered again.
"Katniss!" This time I spoke slightly louder.
"KATNISS!" I yelled, straining to hear her voice so I could make sure she was okay.

"Yes, where Is Katniss?" Another voice spoke making me jump. The oh so familiar sound seemed to be dripping with venom and was as sharp as a snake's. My heart began to beat faster and my breath became more rapid as President Snow walked into the spotlight I was enclosed in. He was dressed in his typical all white suit and had his typical smirk to go with it. 

"Where is she?" I panted glaring into the eyes of the monster infront of me. 

"Oh, don't play the innocent game with me Peeta. You know very well where Miss Everdeen is and Im going to ask you nicely one more time. Where. Is. She." He spat, placing his hands in his pockets, returning my glare

"I don't know. and even if I did you would have to kill me before I gave her up" I snarled not moving my line of sight.

"Very well" Snow gave a slight cough and turned to the lighted box on the other side of the room which now seemed to contain people. He gave them a slight nod and one of them pressed a button on the desk infront of them. 

The most agonizing pain shot through the squares of plastic on my body. A powerful electric current was sent into my heart, brain and chest. My back arched in pain as I screamed out, twisting and turning uncontrollably from the shocks. They seemed to infect every inch of my body, sending me in to excruciating pain. My brain screamed in agony as it felt seconds away from exploading, My heart was beating a painful thousand beats a minute and my stomach was being ripped apart so that when they stopped I slumped down as far as I could and threw up what little I had in my stomach onto the floor infront of me. Snow bent down in front of me and pouted.

"Now, that wasn't very nice was it? You dont want that to happen again do you? So how about we make a little deal. You tell me where Katniss is, and this can all be over" He said reaching out his glove covered hand and touched my sweat soaked face.

"I...I...don't-" was all I managed to get out before snows hand flew across my face, but compared to what I had just endured, I barely noticed it.

"DONT LIE" Snow barked, raising back up to his full hight. "Do you really think we believe for one second that Katniss destroyed the arena and took off with two other tributes, your mentor and escort without telling poor little lover boy where she was going?"

I didn't respond.

"again" Snow snapped turning back to the rectangle. 

My muscles clenched again, tightening painfully. A burning pain seared across my nerves and an intense heat overcame my body again. This time I smelt burning flesh coming from myself as the shocks overcame me. The pain was unbarable. I don't know how I wasn't dead yet, a shock of this strength should surely kill me, yet I continued to feel such agony, death was all I wanted. This pain overcame everything I had ever felt in the arenas. More painful than being cut down to the bone, more painful than walking into an electrified wall. My body shook out of control when the shocks stopped, pain still flicking through my body. 

"Thats enough for today" Snow muttered. "We will get the truth out of you Peeta. Mark my words."

And with that, he turned on his heel and marched out the room, throwing me back into that world of darkness




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