He wasnt going to give her up. Not for anything.


2. I am Peeta Mellark


"Katniss, they're coming you'll be dead by morning" I yelled as I was tackled out of my chair. Screaming and yelling was filling my ears, as several guards pinned me to the ground. I struggled and yelled until a sharp needle plunged into my arm and a cold liquid seeped into my body sending me back into darkness. 


I woke up hours later. My vision was blurry and my hearing was muffled, I tried to lift my head up but it felt like I had metal in my brain. When my vision came round, three doctors stood over me wearing surgical masks and dressed head to toe in surgical gear as well as a mirror on the ceiling that reflected my current position. My feet, arms and chest were tied with leather belts onto a hospital bed, a silver tray filled with needles and other tools sat next to my head. To my left, a clear, transparent wall let anyone walking past see in. But only one person stood there. Snow; not moving, just smirking.


One of the doctors picked up a needle and filled it with a yellowish liquid. Before I knew it, she placed it next to my temple, pushing it into the side of my head, releasing the liquid into my brain. 

"GAHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed, The needle had broken through several layers of muscle and seemed to have injected fire into my head. My body shook uncontrolably, bouncing off the bed up, down, left, right, crying to be off the bed. But the restraints held it down. The liquid made my head throb, and I couldn't think for a while. I looked back up to my reflection and wanted to scream out. My eyes had turned completely black and my face was ghostly white. A doctor bent over and put her head right on top of mine. 

"Katniss Everdeen. Katniss Everdeen. Katniss Everdeen is the enemy. Katniss Everdeen is the enemy" 


She repeated this over and over, drilling this message into my brain over and over. 


About an hour later, it was over. I was dragged into a black room, and I was completely alone. So I thought. 

"Peeta" A voice dripping in venom spoke from behind me. I turned to see their tall figure, walking calmly towards me. I yelled out and threw myself at them tackling them to the ground and clamping my hands around their throat, but my hands only met each other. Hollagram. But that didn't stop me, I put everything I had into smashing her head repeatedly into the ground. 

My name is Peeta Mellark. 
I was in the Hunger Games twice.
Katniss left me here for dead.
And now she must die.


Just a little ending for you guys xoxo


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