new life

Skyler Howard is put in to adoption because of past. in hope of getting adopted everyday she stays in her room watching YouTube or singing. what happens when she gets adopted by some youtube famous? what will happend to her life? will it turn into a mess or a good life?


3. Being adopted2


Freaking JC Caylen was in front of me. WOW ok sky calm down dont freak out, calm down.




"Hi can I ask you some questions?" JC said looking at me.








"Umm yeah sure go for it", answering back calmly without freaking out.








"So what do you like to do in your free time?", he asked.



"I like to penny bored, and also I like to watch youtube", I answered back.



"Favourite thing you like to eat?"


"Pizza!" You shouted a little and he chuckled

"Haha, same I love pizza. What is your favorite thing to do when your bored?" He asked. Then the rest of the O2L guys came, and you freaked out even more. They sat down next to JC and smiled at you. You smiled back.

"My facilities thing to do when im bored is to sing and play my guitar not just when im bored I play and sing when I can." I answerd with a smile.

"You can sing?? Please sing for us please?" Kian beged 

"Umm I dont know...." I said a bit unsure.

"Please" all of them said toghter. 

"Ok im going to sing a bit of 

my favourite song by hoodie allen no interruption. "



Her singing



Imma do shit that just piss them off

Say you never heard me it’s your loss.

They bitin’ on my freestyles.

They tell me make my money 

Frontin’ on that weed style.

I tell ‘em I be too old for it

And I gave my brother my ID.

She independent but these bitches never find me.

I hope they don’t find him, though.

‘Cause they be knocking on my door 

Now they looking through my window.


Tell me what you really want from me,

Point blank no discussion.

Close mouth, close mouth, ow.

I give it to you No Interruption.


And tell me one time that you want me. 

I promise that I won’t say nothing. 

Shi-shut it up, shi-shi-shut it up.

I’ll give it to ya, No Interruption.



The mouth were dropped till the floor and then they clapped. Wow was I that good mt dad always said I was bad.


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