new life

Skyler Howard is put in to adoption because of past. in hope of getting adopted everyday she stays in her room watching YouTube or singing. what happens when she gets adopted by some youtube famous? what will happend to her life? will it turn into a mess or a good life?


2. Being adopted




****In the morning****



I woke up this morning had a shower and brushed my teeth. I went up to my small wadrob and choose some black skinny jeans and a long sleeved shirt that had a star in the middle. Also I put on my red convers because they are my favourite shoes that I have.


Yesterday Miss love said that today there were people that were coming to adopted kids from our foster home. I dont really care when they come because I never get adopted. The kids here are so mean to me sometimes, they always say im to ugly and to fat to be adopted that is why I lost all my hope on being adopted. My best friend ashly use to help me alot when they use to be mean but she not here anymore she got adopted, we still keep in contact but its not the same. 




"Kids come down its time for people to come and see you all" shouted miss love.




We all ran down stairs to fet ready for the parents to see us. We all went up on this little stage type thing and then the doors opend and the parents came in and talk to all of us. I just stayed there sitting on the chair and looking and all the kids talking to the parents that came.


I never get adopted maybe because im the older one out of them all or maybe the other kids are right im to fat and ugly for them to adopted me.


I was lost in my thoughts untill someone tapped my ahoulder and I turned around. I couldnt believe who was in front of me.....







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