new life

Skyler Howard is put in to adoption because of past. in hope of getting adopted everyday she stays in her room watching YouTube or singing. what happens when she gets adopted by some youtube famous? what will happend to her life? will it turn into a mess or a good life?


1. Who I'm I


Hello, my name is  Skyler Howard. lots of people call me sky.

I'm 12 and I live in a orphanage. If you don't know what that is it is a place were you get adopted.

I  was put in a orphanage at a young age because of my abusive dad before my everything was good until my mum died of cancer. My dad started to come home drunk alto and hit me all the time, until one day the neighbors heard me screaming from my house and called the police. They arrested my dad and I got put in a orphanage.

Every day i hope to be adopted but that never happens. The kids say it because I'm in the older groups and the people just want to get the young ones.

I love watching YouTube. My favorite YouTubers  are O2L ( JC Caylen, Kian lawley, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Sam Pottorff and Connor Franta), Jennxpenn, Andrea Russett, Jack and Finn Harries, Taylor Oakley etc.

I love to penny board and also playing football. you could say I'm a tomboy but I'm girl too.

my favorite food to eat is PIZZA!! And also I love to sing and play guitar.

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