My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


1. Prologue


I walked into our garage, the room where all the junk and all the things you 'don't want to throw away because they could be useful one day' go.

The garage was lit only by the light of a small, worn out lamp, and the fairy lights that went round the whole room, hanging by the shelfs scatterd with books.

I took a seat on the edge of the sofa, the old worn away sofa and held the bag of cookies and tray of coffee in my hands. Letting them gently rest on my lap.

My mom asked me to give these to my brother and his friends, and by the clock in this garage, my brothers and his mates should be back from football any second.

The garage was ready. The guitars, drums and amps all set up in the same way they did this morning before school. Yes my brother is in a band.

As the clock clicked by I was trapped in my thoughts about pizza, dance and my English assignment and was clicked out of my gaze when four boys came stumbling through the garage door.

I stood up intently and tried to hide that I was abit a shocked at the sudden outburst. I put my head down abit allowing my ombré hair to fall beside my face.

Two of the friends sat on the sofa, laughing at there phone and one on the small stool by the drums. A million things flew through my head, i had to play it cool. I rolled my eyes and stuck out my hand.

"Mom told me to give you these" my brother took the items and smiled.

"Thank-you Kim" my brother Michael said and I smiled. The one on the stool smiled faintly before taking a handful of sweets out the packet he was eating.

I turned on my heels and slowly walked out the garage door. My name is Kimberly Clifford, and welcome to my life.

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