My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


6. Chapter 5 - Why Didn't You Tell Me?

Chapter 5

I decided I didn't want to stay at school for last period so I left, I was in an unexplainable bad mood and didn't want to see or talk to anyone.

I walked home. Which took about 25 minutes, as I slow walked down the street. My phone buzzed as I grabbed it out my bag along with my earphones. Jenna.

~hey gurllll, Saturday, out for Laura's 18th? You in?;)~

Jenna was 17, just a year older than me, she went to my school college and was actually really smart. She had long natural starts berry blonde hair, she wore glasses and had a nose ring. She wore eyeliner some days but it was never much. Her figure was to die for and I have always been jealous of her. She was stunning, and I always wondered why she would be friends with an ugly girl.

I replied as a inch of happiness flew through my body.

~you know it babe;) and what are you doing around 5?~

I typed in and sent as I put my earbuds in my ear and played Greenday, Lazy Bones. I paced down the street walking round the last corner before coming to my house.

Mom wasn't home as well she gets back normally about and hour after I get home from school.

I walked in and threw my bag on the sofa as I went to raid the fridge off chocolate and fizzy pop. After finding my treasures I plonked my self on the sofa and turned on Americans Next Too Model, fave!

Mom came home around 4, kissing my cheek as she walked through, groceries in her hands.

"MICHAEL" she held and he came rushing from upstairs.

"YES?" He shouted down the stairs, you could hear him walking down as he spoke.

"COME AND HELP ME!" She replied and he huffed.

I sat there and are drank from my can before a small girl came galloping through our door.

"Sorry my phone died before I could reply, sorry I'm early" she winked at me and I laughed. She hopped over the sofa and landed on my leg.

"Ow you bitch move" I pushed her and she laughed.

"Mom my friends are upstairs, why can't Kim help?!" I heard Michael say.

"I HELPED LAST TIME" I shouted and Jenna covered her ears.

"Fucking hell loud mouth" she said and giggled. Michael walked down the hall and shouted up the stairs.

"GUYS COME DOWN" he said and I gulped. Our staircase lead through the living room and I was waiting to see who was here. I didn't try to work out who was here by the cats which I have now even forgot I saw.

3 boys came walking down the stairs. I looked at Jenna mouthing 'it's him' silently as Ash walked down the stairs. These boys are here all the time.

They walked out and Jenna gasped dramatically.

"Why is the guy you basically dry humped last weekend I'm your house?" She asked confused as anything.

"It's Michael friend and band member. I found out yesterday and wanted to tell you but I wanted to wait to see you in person"

"Kim what the hell" she said and hit my arm a little. "Has he said anything?"

Nothing I have wanted him to say.

"Well I said when it was just me and him this morning when he drove me to school that-"

"he drove you to school and you didn't tell me?"

"shut up and let me finish" she fake zipped her lips and I smiled before carrying on.

"Well I told him to forget everything and then basically he told me that he wants to start over and he doesn't want Mikey to know the first time that I met his sister we couldn't keep our hands of each other. Then he asked how old I am and I told him like I'm 16. And he didn't respond so I got abit angry and was like 'well I don't need my brother knowing that I'm underage going clubbing and sticking my tounge down his 21 years old friends throat.'"

I threw in the sassiness I didn't actually say it with but it doesn't matter.

"He's 21?" She said and I nodded, my lips in a straight line.

"OMG Kim you go" she said and clapped.

"No Jenna. And to top it off, he's taking me out on Friday night, for dinner I'm guessing?"

"Kim why haven't you told me... there is so much to tell"

"sorry I guess I just... it's easier to tell in person"

I smiled and she hugged me.

"So Michael doesn't know?"

"Nope, I feel bad"

"why, your just friends right?"

"Obviously, would you even call us that?"

"Yes Kim"

We talked about Ashton for about 15 minutes before she had to leave and go to hers. She insisted we go shopping to get me a dress for Friday and our outfits for Saturday.

I'm just really hoping I don't see my brother out, or Ashton....

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