My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


25. Chapter 25 - Why?

Chapter 25


I woke up the next morning early, I don't know why, it was like 7am. The sun was just beginning to peek through the partly opened blinds as I turned my head to look at Ashton. He was sound asleep and looked like an angel, although he didn't sound like one as he snores really loudly. I smiled to myself as I climbed out of bed. Throwing on the leggings I had and trailed to the bathroom. 

  Just as I walked to the bathroom I heard the chain flush and Lauren, Ashton's sister walked out. She had morning hair just like me, and was in some shorts and a baggy top.    "Sorry..." I almost whispered as she rolled her eyes at me.    "Aha yeah okay" she sniggered as she carried on walking. It was to early for this, so I let the comment go. I peed and quickly joined Ashton back in bed.

I tried to get back sleep but I just couldn't.    I'm still curious to know what happened with Ash's ex girlfriend. I closed my eyes as the thoughts started to hurt my brain. I turned into my side and wrapped my arms around Ashton's naked torso and cuddled him tightly. He wiggled in my grasp before lightly rubbing his eyes and sleepily looking at me. 

  "Kim what are you doing?" His raspy morning voice spoke to me.  

"Cuddling you...." was my reply as I closed my eyes like I was trying to sleep.  

"Why are you awake it's like 6am" he sighed as he played with my messy hair.   

"It's half7 actually" I corrected him   

"Urg, it's too early for your smart mouth" he dismissed me.   

"Someone is grumpy this morning..." I mockingly said.   

"Shhhh Kim, I must sleep" he placed his index finger on my lips as he snuggled into his pillow.   

I laughed making him smirk as he I sat up on my elbows. His hair feel messily on his face as he rubbed his eyes once more.   

"I have dance at 1." I spoke "I will have to be home for like 11 okay?"   

"That's fine, do you want me to drop you?" He asked.   

"No no, I don't expect you to drop and pick me up from dance. You're not my dad" I laughed.   

"I am your boyfriend tho"   

"Yeah I know that..." I trailed off. "It's just I feel bad so I can get Mikey to drop  me or something, and you have already done so much for me..."  

"okay Kim." He sighed and turned onto his back and looked at the ceiling. I did the same, why is he being like this?   I grabbed my phone from out my bag and text Michael, I asked him if he could pick me up at 11.    

"Ash, do you wanna go and get breakfast or something?" I suggested. "My treat?"   It was only 8am, I had a couple hours before Mikey picked me up.   

"If you want to." He didn't seem enthusiastic at all.   

"It doesn't matter, I might leave now anyway..." I sat up and pulled my hair into a messy bun.    He sat up on his elbows as I threw my legs off the side of the bed.   


"Why not?" I replied grumpy. I stood and gathered all my things.   

"Kim what is wrong with you? Why are you acting like a brat?" He said to me, his voice angry, but still in a whispered time.   

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I retorted back. I rushed round his room putting the most important stuff into my bag.   

"You're being stupid Kim, why are you being so pathetic for?"  

"Fuck off Ashton"   

"Don't fucking swear at me."  

"Why are you being a prick for, have I done something wrong?" I raised my voice.   

"You're leaving and getting stroppy for no reason."  

"You called me a brat for no reason? You called me pathetic for no reason? Just because something's pissed you off... that's not my problem"  

I looked at myself in the mirror after putting on my white converse. I could see Ashton looking at me through the mirror.   

"Don't leave..." he said quietly while looking at me wide eyed.   

"I will text you..." I replied pulling the door handle.   

"I love you."  

"I love you too" I replied back before closing the door.     


Ashton's POV:    I don't know why I was so touchy this morning. She didn't even do anything wrong. It's just, ever since Harry brought up her name yesterday I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. Grace. Gosh she was amazing. No Ashton stop.   

I sighed getting out of bed and rubbing my face with my hands. Kim was pretty angry for me being an absolute prick this morning. She did nothing wrong.    She had left her straighteners and some makeup here. She will probably need them. I should probably call her? but she's only just left that will probably annoy her more.   

Standing up I put on a tee and walked downstairs to the living room. Lauren and mom was in there.   

"Morning son" she greeted me.   


"Where's Kim?" She asked, looking up from the magazine she was reading.  

"Oh she left..." I plonked on the sofa and lay my head on the cushion.   

"Why?" She nagged.   

"Mom it doesn't matter, leave it" I said and grabbed the remote.   

"Girlfriend drama" Lauren mocked, trying to make a joke.   

"Lauren, shut the fuck up." I said, putting on some random show.   

"Don't curse..." my mom warned me.   

Damn I wish I would of just taken that offer to go to breakfast with Kim.     


Kim's POV:     I walked a little down the road and then took my phone from my pocket and called Michael. It rang 5 times before he answered.   

"Kim, why are you calling so early?"  

"Can you pick me up please, like now?" I tried to hold back the tears that were dwelling in my eyes, although, the shaky unevenness in my voice, didn't try to hold back.   

"What's happened, what's he done?" He seemed angry. Oh no.   

"Just pick me up please? I'm by a row of shops, and there's a gas station by it? About 5 minutes from Ash's?"  

"Yeah of course, be about 10 minutes. Love you" and he put the phone down.   

I sat on a bench and played with my hands in my lap as I did so. What have I done wrong? Why am I so fucked up? Why do I ruin everything?   This was bound to happen really wasn't it? It's not even dorm thing serious, why is he being an absolute twat?  

The tears fell from my eyes as my phone vibrated. It was ash. I declined it as I wiped the tears that was streaming down my cheeks. Why?  


Michael's POV:    I jumped in my car as soon as possible to go a pick up my sister. I knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later. I just wander what has actually happened, hopefully nothing to bad.   

I saw Kim sitting on the bench and I pulled up, she looked up before standing. All red and puffy eyed. My heart sank. She climbed in and half smiled.   

"What did he d-" I got interrupted.  

"Mikey... Who's grace? And why was she so important to Ashton?" She asked me and I didn't know what to say. 

Of fuck.     


{hi guys thanks for being patient. I wish I could give you a reason for not updating but I'm just lazy I've had it wrote for ages just haven't posted.    thanks for being patient. ily guys}

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