My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


20. Chapter 19 - Meeting the Family??

Chapter 19


I sat on Kim's bed as I watched her rush round her room and stopping every now and then and thinking of what she needs. She threw everything the other side of her bed in a messy pile.

"Right so it's like 5 now? What is the dress code for wherever you are taking me?" She asked shyly causing me to grin.

"What are you smiling at?" She continued.

"You're so cute" I cooed.

"I am not" she argued.

"You are" she crossed her arms as the words came out my mouth and pouted.

I pulled her into me so she was in between my legs and lifted her chin with my hands. She was so unbelievable beautiful, I was in awe.

I kissed her slowly and lightly, and it wasn't long before her hands we're pressing against my chest and the kiss was now super passionate.

"Formal" I breathed.

"What?" She responded getting her breathe back.

"Dress formal."

"Ohhh right" she smiled and skipped to her wardrobe.

"I was thinking of wearing my black flowy dres-"

"Wear the dark purple one" I interrupted and she smiled.

"You mean the slutty tight short one don't you?" She retorted back.

I grinned and she rolled her eyes. I watched her flick through all her clothes as she picked it out placed it on her bed along with everything else.

"I used to wear that when I would sneak out, and go up town. I feel weird wearing it" she said as she sat on my lap. Legs either side of me.

"But you look so good in it, I want when we walk in everybody to see what's mine and how beautiful and sexy she is" I admitted causing her to blush.

I traced my finger down her sides and she shivered at my touch. Her breathing hitched as I got to the waistband of her leggings, leaving small kisses on her neck and over the top of her boobs.

"Ashton stop" she managed to say through the deep breathing.

"Okay" I said before removing my hands and placing them on her face a kissing her hard.

"I have to pack everything so we can leave" she spoke up and climbed off me. She started placing everything into a big bag, looking up at me every couple minutes and biting her lip.

The sexual tension between us would be hard to cut with a knife.

She packed her stuff and grabbed her phone and bag before we walked out to my car. I turned the ignition and reversed from the driveway. Nervous for her to meet my family.

I hadn't told them I had a girlfriend, or she was 16, or that I was completely in love with her, although I haven't even told her yet.

I drove to my house and we chatted about everything and anything. She kept blushing and giggling. Her hair was pulled back into a pony, and she was still in her dance clothes.

"Omg ashton, your parents arnt going to be home arnt they?"

"No? Not till about 8, why?"

"Oh thank god, I can't meet them looking like this" she gestured to herself.

"You look fine Kim" I laughed and she rolled her eyes.

"Ashton, i look awful" she wined causing me to smile.

"Sure Kim..." I said, sarcasm in my tone.

It was just starting to get dark as we pulled up into my garage. I felt my palms get more and more clammy as I got more nervous. I tried to prepare myself as I got out the car and took Kim's hand in mine.

Atleast my family won't be here for a few hours, hopefully nothing will kick off...

{okay sorry guys pls don't hate me😁I've been super super busy and stuff and seen youse wanted a new chapter, sorry it's shitty.

The way I ended it is a good starting point for what I have in mind next chapter;)

Thankyou for being patient I love you guys xo}

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