My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


18. Chapter 17 - Making Up

Chapter 17

Kim's POV:

The whole of the next week, I went about my normal life, just ignoring Jenna and Michael. I wasn't really ready yet, I could feel that I wasn't.

Ashton told me Michael was very very sorry, and all he did in band practice was tell Ashton to try and talk to me, but he knew well enough not to mention Mikey around me right now.

I wanted to call Jenna and tell her about what me and Ash did. Well what he did too me. I always imagined calling her after something like that.

Every since that day all I have wanted was him to touch me like that again. I really don't know what I'm turning into.

I laughed to myself forgetting I was in a class full of people and awkwardly shifted in my seat before the teacher started talking about ionic bonding again. Last period always felt like the longest lesson of the day.

I got out my phone and checked my messages. Just a text of my mom saying she left money for takeaway in the house. I rolled my eyes as I put away my phone.

The bell rang and I grabbed my bag and walked our the class, darting towards the front gates. I couldn't wait to get out of here. Today has been exceptionally bad. At least tomorrow is Friday.

I plugged my earphones in and walked home, the sound of My Chemical Romance blazing through the earbuds.

My heart sped up as I seen Ashton's car parked on or driveway. I smiled as I walked up the path and through the front door.

"I'm home" I shouted as I kicked off my converse. No reply.

I walked through the kitchen and all the his were there, including a few unfamiliar faces and Ashton.

"Oh hi" I said awkwardly as I put my bag on the island. Mikey looked at me and smiled. I rolled my eyes.

The atmosphere was loud as Luke and Calum the two I met before spoke to two other boys. Ashton smiled at me before walking over and kissing my lips.

"Hi" he said and pulled me out and into the living room.

"Hello" I said kissing him again and grabbing his face with my hands. His hands traveled down my back and stopped at my bum as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

We stopped and looked up as someone cleared their throat.


Ashton let me go and I slightly frowned before turning to Michael.

"Yes?" I said.

"Can we talk please?" He said. I looked at ashton and he nodded. I think it was time.

"Sure" I looked at ashton and he kissed me before making his way to the kitchen.

We say in the living room and I crossed my legs. Mikey looked nervous.

"I'm so sorry Kim, I just want us to be on good terms again and be close like we used to be. I know I shouldn't have went behind your back, and Jenna knows that too, but stuff just happens. You get that right?"

He's right. I did get that. I understood perfectly. He had so much sadness in his voice and he looked so drained. I felt so bad.

"Yeah I do, I'm sorry Mikey. It just hurt a lot" I admitted. "I shouldn't of over reacted so much" I shrugged and walked over to Mikey. I sat next to him and hugged him.

"I love you" he said and I smiled.

"you too. So why is everyone here? I have never even seen these people" I laughed and sat next to him again.

"Just hanging out, we have a gig tomorrow so we are gonna practice tonight and stuff, some of the guys wanted to come round."

They have a gig tomorrow? That's news to me.

"Oh okay" I said he smiled. I got up and walked to my room. Leaving my stuff downstairs. Taking only my phone with me.

I shut my door and plugged my phone in the dock. I put on Empire by Bring Me The Horizon and started to clean around my room.

Why wouldn't Ash tell me he had a gig? That's a big deal... it's not something you keep from your girlfriend. I sighed as I sung loudly. I lay in my bed and starred at the ceiling.

He was probably ashamed of me right? I mean, I'm 16 and he's 21. I shook the thought out of my head and grabbed my phone.

I grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower. Letting the hot water relax my body. Heck if Ash can go out tomorrow and not tell me I can do the same.

After drying and changing into an oversized tee and shorts I texted my friend Megan asking what she was doing tomorrow. My fake ID was in my purse and hasn't been used in a hell of a long time.

Ashton came upstairs knocking on my bedroom door. I shouted come in, and he entered the room. His forehead sweaty and jacket in his hand.

"I'm going babe" he said as he sat next to me on my bed, I lay there and looked at him. I nodded.

"Okay, see you" he kissed me lightly on the lips leaving me with butterflies. He walked out the door closing it behind him.

This unfamiliar feeling was ignited thorough my body as he walked away, still unaware that I know he is lying to me.


The next day I rang ash on the way to school. He answered without even letting the phone ring 3 times.

"Good morning princess"

"Morning handsome." I cooed back, sarcasm in my tone.

"You not like?" He said and I laughed.

"I do just, will take a while to get used to" I admitted.

"What about baby girl?"

"What, are you trying to be my daddy?" I said and he laughed.

"One day you will get it" he said leaving me puzzled. He laughed down the phone.

"What are you doing tonight?" I asked curious.

"I'm going to see my dad tonight. That's all really. You?"

"Oh nothing. Might call Jenna." I said and admitted.

"Well done baby, let me know how it goes."

"Of course" I smiled as I breathed in the warm morning air.

"Well I'm at the school gates, I will call you when I get out" I lied. "See you"

"Bye babe" and I hung up. I sighed and continued my walk to school.

The sky was brightening up as the morning became the day, and the sun started to bleam from behind the morning clouds.

I walked through the gates, the sight if children rushing and walking, chatting and talking, making out and arguing, all coming I to my sight. I smiled as I walked up to my friends.

The smile if my face being forced as I held the tears back.

I wish he would just tell me the truth...

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