My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


15. Chapter 14 - Please Just Hug Me?

Chapter 14

Kim's POV:

All weekend me and ash was together. We would just chill in my house. Either in my room or on the living room sofa. It was so relaxing and was so nice to just be together.

I told Jenna about well us... also my mom. She didn't really care though. All she cares about right now is her new boyfriend. She practically lives there. She only stays at home one Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

On Saturday our date was absolutely amazing. We went for food and then a movie. Perfect date.

He stayed at my house that night to. It was a lot to convince Mikey but he allowed us.

It was Sayurday night, about 2am in the morning. I was awoken by the sound if the front door slamming. Did Mikey lock the door? I climbed out of Ashton's arms and smiled at him sleeping so peacefully before walking to the top of the stairs.

I could hear the ruffling of feet, it was someone. I heard Mikey go to bed so it can't be him. I braced myself as I walked downstairs. I was just being paranoid.

I walked to the doorway of the hallway, turning the corner before stopping still in my tracks. This can not be what I think it is.

Jenna... and Mikey? I must be seeing things. Am I hallucinating?

The one second she decided to take a breath from eating my brothers face she saw me and pushed him away to make an attempt to pretend it was nothing.

"Kim- I..."

"What the fuck?" I screamed and ran for her and Mikey grabbed me back, my legs was kicking and Jenna stood there, her hand on her allow and her arm hanging. She looked drunk.

"Kim calm down" Mikey said as he took me into the kitchen.

"Get away from me." I pulled at my hair as I walked angrily around the kitchen. I got a glass and smashed it of the floor.

This can not be happening right now.

I screamed letting out my anger as Mikey stood there. I tried to clear my head before storming the the hallway where Jenna was.

Mikey tried to stop me by pulling my arm, I snapped if back immediately and gave him and stern look. He stepped back.

I looked between the both and I felt ears in my eyes.

"How long?"

"How long wh-"

"Don't play fucking dumb Jenna" I interrupted and she looked down at her feet.

It was tense in the tiny hallway. She didn't answer.

"How fucking long? Did I stutter?" I yelled.

Michael went to talk but I shut it up before he could even say a word.

"I want to hear it from her" I crossed my arm and say on my hip waiting.

"8 months"

"8 fucking months" she flinched at my words.

"and you didn't even think to tell me, either of you?" I looked between them both. Not a word.

"Well, you can fuck off" I walked to the door and gestured to her to get out. She looked at Mikey and he nodded. Tears brewed in her eyes before she walked out.

"Delete my number, thanks" and I slammed the door.

I turned to Michael. He looked guilty,even upset.

"Why?" A year streamed down my face as I stood there.

"It just happend Kim, I swear it was harmless"

"Harmless? Okay Michael okay." I pushed past him and walked up the stairs. He followed me and shouted up.

"Kim we need to talk about this"

"Not right now. Just fuck off"

He left me alone as I heard him mutter and walk away. I cried as I walked down the hall to my bed. I wiped my face, still lightly hiccuping from crying as I climbed back into bed. Ashton was awake and was abit taken back when I hugged into him and gripped him tight. He returned and I never waned to let go.

"What wrong baby?" He asked in a hushed tone and I shook my head.

"Please just hug me?" I asked, kind of pleaded and he nodded. He kissed my forehead before I buried my head in the crook of his neck.

And I fell into a some what peaceful sleep...

{sorry it's short and shit but I wanted drama and to update so yay I did it. What a plot twist right omg?!

Anyways I will be very inactive now until next Saturday. I have to study for my exams next week, I have like 7 exams😩 But I will try my hardest to update but if I don't that's why. Thanks, ily guys. Enjoy xo}

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