My Brothers Bestfriend

Michael was your older brother by only 3 years... he was in a band.

You was 16, in school getting your grades, but still would go out and have fun on the weekend.

You didn't take notice in your brothers band, and the only knew he had a 'little sister'

But what happens when one night of fun then turns into what could be the best or worst of your life...?


12. Chapter 11 - Drama

Chapter 11

Kim's POV:

I stirred a little in my sleep as I felt all my senses awaken. I was warm smiled as I tried to open my eyes.

I heard light snores coming from right beside me as I slowly opened my eyes. Shit.

There was Ashton, sleeping peacefully as he held me tightly to his chest. We must if fell asleep cuddling. I smiled at the thought as I sat up and woke him too.

"Ashton wake up" I shook him lightly as a tall pale boy with red air burst through my door.

"Kim you need to get downsta- what the fuck?" He shouted as he seen ashton sleeping peacefully in my bed.

I jumped up and pushed Michael out the room before he could do anything he would regret.

"Kim why the fuck is he in your room?" He yelled at me and I winced at his loudness.

"We just bumped into each other when I came out the bathroom and we spoke and then we just feel asleep... no big deal" I shrugged and he gripped his hair in his hands.

"Kim your so lucky it's only because you're here I'm not beating the shit out of him" he paced back and forth. "We thought he must of just went home but no he was in my fucking little sisters room, no wonder he wasn't answering his fucking phone"

"Mikey it's not his fault ok, we just fell asleep" I tried to calm him down.

My bedroom door flew open and ashton stood there, pulling off the the 'I just woke up but still look perfect' look.

"You piece of shit" Michael shouted as he took wide strides towards ashton who was still half out of it. I stepped infront of him and tried to stop whatever he was going to do. He pushed me and I slammed against the wall.

"Oww" I screamed as I held my elbow and fell on the floor. A year escaped my eye. Mikey has never done anything like that before. Ashton ran to my side and helped me up as Mikey stood there mouth open at what he just done.

"Kim I'm so sorry" he ran to me and tried to hug me.

"Don't fucking touch me" I screamed as I stood up and pulled myself away from ashton. I looked back and for that between them both tears pouring from my eyes.

"Mikey why do you do this? Why can't you just hear either of is out. It's my what you fucking think" I spoke loudly as I leaned against my doorframe. I looked at ashton who was starring at me innocently, Mikey looked so guilty.

"You're 16 Kim he's fucking 20, and as one of his best friends I know what he's like, how he treats girls and what he's capable of" Mikey replied back to me.

Ashton out his head down, not saying a word.

"Michael it's not like that" ashton spoke up for the first time during this whole conversation.

"No it's not" I butted in. "It was one date Mikey, and all we did was fall asleep together, no big deal right?" I turned to ashton.

"Yeah no big deal" he said, his face straight and no emotion showing. I narrowed my eyes at him as Mikey went to walk down the hall.

"I need some air." Michael said before walking down the stairs. Atleast he was going to calm down.

I walked up to ashton so we was not even 30 cm apart. He didn't move once. Just looked at his feet.

"What is he one about 'he knows what your like'?" I lifted my good arm and did quote marks.

"He just knows I haven't had a very good past experience with girls... I haven't treated then the way they are supposed to be treated. Far from that actually" he shook his head.

"I don't care about that"

"But you should"

"Well I don't"

He grabbed my face in his hand and looked in my eyes. He still looked so tired as his hair fell lightly over his eyebrows. I smiled lightly and he chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked as he released his grip and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.

"you" he replied and his attached his lips to mine. I knew we shouldn't be doing this after all the drama. Butterflies filled my stomach as our lips moved in perfect sync.

I pulled away, and he grabbed my hands as we stood there awkwardly on my upstairs hallway.

"We shouldn't be doing this"

"I know" I placed my forehead on his chest and I sighed.

"You should go."

"Yeah, I know" he sighed and I laughed.

"I'm going to go and talk to Mikey okay? You go and I will call you when I'm done" I looked through my eyelashes and he smiled. There's the smile I have been waiting for. Wow his dimples. I wanted to fangirl.

"I will walk you out" I said and that's just what I did.

He kissed me goodbye on the front porch before walking down my path. Shutting the front door I sighed as I lazily walked through to the kitchen, dragging my feet. I seen Mikey sitting in the back steps. I went to join him.

"Mikey" I pulled the cigarette from his fingers and through it on the bucket of water where my dad puts his out. "Since when did you smoke? It's a nasty habbit"

I sat best to him I'm the step and I warped my hands around his torso. He embraced me into the hug and held me tightly.

"Only when I'm stressed Kim" he replied as I pulled back.

"I'm so sorry Mikey" I looked out to our normal sized garden that the outskirts where filled with bright colour flowers. You could see the swing attached from the tree me and Mikey used to play on as kids. I smiled at the memory.

"It's not your fault Kim. I'm sorry I got so mad, and for pushing you... hey how is your arm?" He looked at me sympathetically and I shrugged.

"It's fine, I hope i can ice it and I will be fine for dance tomorrow"

"I'm so so so so sorry"

"Don't be. I shouldn't have went behind your back, and with your friend. That's horrible me of me."

"It's fine, I think. I'm not angry at you, just him" he said and I looked at him.

"It's not his fault Michael"

"Why are you defending him Kim?"

"I'm not, I'm stating the truth"

"Has he left?"



We sat in silence as all you could here was the chirping of the birds and the passing by traffic. The sky was getting darker as we sat there, the stars were just beginning to shine.

"Mikey?" I asked, I might aswell just say all I need to say now.


"Is there any chance that he could genuinely like me?" I looked down, I didn't want him to see my face as I asked such a ridiculous question.

"There is, just, you don't know him Kim. You're still so young"

"Will you talk to him? See what he has to say? What he thinks of the situation?" I asked, hope in my voice.

"Kim don't push it" he said to me as he wiped his palms on his jeans.

"Mikey youse need to sort this out, your best friends...."

"I know that Kim"

"Promise me you will think about it?"

"I promise" he eventually said and I couldn't stop my mouth from forming a smile.

"Thankyou Mikey" I have him one last hug before standing up.

"Well I'm hungry let's go get food. I will pay?" I grinned as he looked up at me.

"No you won't sis I owe you for being a cunt. What do you fancy?" He stood and walked with me into the house.

"Chinese? And where moms?" I asked.

"Sounds great and she's been held back at work, that's what I was coming to tell you, and ask if you wanted to play video games before you know, everything happend" he dismissed and I frowned.

"Oh" I said putting on my uggs.

"Let's go" he said I followed him or the house. I walked to the car while Mikey locked the house. I grabbed my phone out the jacket I put on in the house and texted ashton how I'm okay and will ring him when I'm home.

He replied instantly letting me know that is okay, and he's glad me and Mikey are on talking terms.

We hopped in the car and he handed me the aux lead.

"To say I'm sorry" he smiled and I laughed.

I plugged in my phone and scoreless through my music while Mikey backed off the drive. We drove to the Chinese place blasting All Time Low.

{HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE. I though I might as well update as you all wanted me too so bad. Next chapter will be when Michael talks to ashton oooooh, and I hope you don't mind it's all in Kim's POV, want to change it up. Have a heat NYE whoever youse are okay? ily xo}

ps. sorry the typos are bad. I'm going to re-edit and sort everything out after new year xo

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