The blood that drips

Samantha is a masked murder and if u want to find out more u have to read... Seeing is believing.


1. 1

Tick...tock....tick..,,tock the clock stroked 7 o'clock, Samantha slowly rose out of her warm and comfortable couch and dragged herself to the cold, isolated, and very very dark kitchen, the television was buzzing like something freaky was going to happen. Then Samantha turned around on her heel and slowly,and carefully walked to the front door, as the door bell went, Samantha put a cold rusty knife behind her back and open the door...

It was carl her ex he said he was sorry sorry for cheating on her and can they at least be friends so Samantha invited him in and ran to bedroom and hid it in the draw and because she still in love with carl she said if he was really sorry he would go upstairs and have sex with her so he did but what Samantha didn't realise didn't have protection and when she was done they was all sweaty, tired, and couldn't move, Samantha could she opened the draw with the knife in she took it and said any lady words and started to repeatedly stab him until she was a million percent he was dead...

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