Between me and you

Meet Lauren. Your typical 13yr old teenager. Join her to found out if she will meet the love of her life... Or the reason she hates her life. Read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I finally reach the front door of my house. I press the door bell multiple times until somebody answers. 

"Hey Lozz, How was school?" My mum says opening the door.

"Yeh, It was alright thanks" I answer walking upstairs with my bag.

I get my phone out of my pocket and wait for it to connect to the wifi. As soon as it does i get a text from one of my friends. Heather. She is alright at times but i know that if you get on the wrong side of her, she has the power to make your life a living hell. I haven't had it done to me yet, but I've witnessed it happening to plenty of people before. I open the message.


"Hey" I answer not really wanting to start a conversation with her. We just small talk for a bit saying what we are doing and if we have any homework. She stops answering so i put my phone down and go and make a hot chocolate. I go back upstairs and pick my phone up off my bed. I have a message from Heather.

"Who do you fancy"

That question came out of no where and i don't really want to tell her, but i know if i don't... she will found out any other way possible. I was thinking of a good answer but i forgot it tells the other person when you have read their message. I start getting spammed with messages like "Are you ignoring me?" And "Where are you?" I answer.

"No one, wbu?"

"No one? Bullshit. Who do you fancy?"

"I don't fancy anyone at the minute... Do you?"

"I don't fancy anyone"

"K" I answer and i know it will piss her off but i really don't want to carry on talking to her.


She has stopped texting me now, i think she has probably going to find out another way to know anyway. I FaceTime Leanne and see what she's up to.

We talk for what feels like ages about all different kind of things, although she does mention Pat in about everything she says. I tell her about the Heather situation and she gives advice not to tell her because you can't trust everyone. 

Its getting late now and I'm quite tired. I say goodbye to Leanne and go to sleep. I just hope that nobody else finds out.


Im at school and I'm sitting on the bench with Leanne and Anna, two of my closest friends. We are sitting opposite the football field and i have a perfect view of Pat. I can't stop looking at him. The way he runs his fingers through his hair. The way to pats people on the back when they score. Just everything. He is so flawless. 


I get interrupted from my thoughts. 

"Who are you looking at" Anna says looking in the direction I'm looking in.

"Nobody" I quickly answer back. I haven't told Anna yet, I'm planning on it. Just not now. I look over at Leanne. She smirks at me. I guess she knew i was looking at Pat. I laughed and pulled out my phone. I have no new messages. Im such a loner lol. I look back up at Pat and he is running with the ball. He scores and looks over at me and smiles. I smile back and then look down at my phone. Well that was embarrassing! Leanne is laughing her head off right now.

"Ha! Pat probably thinks your a perv now! Hahahahahaha lol!" She blurts out!

"Leanne! Shut up!" I punched her arm.

"OMG LAUREN YOU FANCY PAT?!?!?!?!" Anna shouts literally as loud as she could.

"ANNA SHHHHHH!!!!!" I smack her and she realises what she did and says sorry. Its ok. I guess i was gonna tell her anyway. 

"Leanne!" Amy calls Leanne over to the field where they were playing football.

"What?" She replies walking over to her. They start talking. I sign and look over at Anna. She looks really bored.

"Whats a matter?" I ask.

"Nothing. Just bored af."

"Go over there if you want!" I say pointing to all the popular girls. They were stood in the middle of the field flirting with the boys. 

"K" She replies and walks off.

'Anna!" I shout. I didn't actually mean it. I hate the popular girls and I'm pretty sure they hate me. I would go over their but i don't want to go near Pat incase Leanne or Anna blurt something out.

I stand up and walk to another bench around the corner from the other one. At least its quiet round there and Pat can't see me. 

Im on my own. Leanne and Anna are with the populars. Im always feeling like I'm the third wheel of our friendship. They never invite me anywhere and only really care about me if the other one isn't there.

I sigh. 

"Are you alright?"

I jump and turn around quickly.

Pat was stood their. 

"Oh yeh I'm fine thanks" I smile and look back down at my phone trying to unlock it. I get the password wrong and try again. Its unlocked. This is so awkward. I can feel him staring at my phone screen. I don't know what to do so i lock it and look up at him.

"So... Can I help you with anything?" I say as casually as a could but it came out wrong. It sounded like i didn't want him here.

"Oh yeh sorry, i was just walking past and you were on your own so i was checking everything was ok"

"Oh k, and I'm fine."

"Why are you not with Leanne or Anna?"

"They ditched me... lol" I laughed trying not to sound like a loner.

"Really? I thought you were friends?"

"Yeh me too" 

He gives my a sympathetic smile and i smile back. He sees that I'm getting quite cold and tells me to come round front, where i was sat before. The back of the school, where I'm sat, it quite shaded and cold. I agree and we walk around the corner to the other bench. I sit down and he sits next to me. I look up and Anna and Leanne who are not paying any attention to me and are to busy braiding Emily's hair. I sigh again and look at Pat. He is staring at me, he perfect blue eyes twinkling in the sun.

"Are you ok?" He says, he can see that I'm upset with Leanne and Anna. He puts an arm around me. I look up and see every one looking at us. Then Heather shouts 

"OMG YOU FANCY PAT" I blush and look at Pat.

"Do you?" He says looking into my eyes.

I look down not wanting to make eye contact with him.

"Well idk if you like me or not but i like you and idk maybe we could like...?"

He sounds lost for words. I look him in the eyes.

'Idk Lauren, do you like idk want to go out with me?" He stutters.

Then there is a loud noise. I scream and wake up. Great. It was just a dream.


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