Between me and you

Meet Lauren. Your typical 13yr old teenager. Join her to found out if she will meet the love of her life... Or the reason she hates her life. Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"Okay... I want everybody to line up at the door, I have a new seating plan for you all" said the teacher, who was clearly getting annoyed with us for not paying attention.

I personally didn't want a new seating plan. I get very uncomfortable with other people and I've been having bad anxiety lately so that doesn't really help.

In our current seating plan I had to sit with this girl called Daisy... She was nice and all but my best friend, Leanne, swapped places with her so I could sit with her instead. I feel more comfortable around her.

"Lauren... Let me see, you can sit over there" she said pointing to a chair near the wall. No one was sat on my row yet but I'm hoping that no one does. The list goes on and on and I can feel my cheeks getting very hot. My head starting hurting. Fk it's happening again. I mumbled to myself.

"Abbie... You can sit on Lauren's row" I was interrupted from my thoughts and this girl came and sat next to me. She was tall and had dyed blonde hair but you could see her brown roots coming through. Her hair looked as if it had been bleached because it was a whitey colour at the bottom making it look dip-dyed. She looked pretty and I bet she's really nice. I just need to calm down.

Now there is one space in the middle of me and Abbie on our row. I'm just praying that no one sits there.

"Leanne..." I cross my fingers under the table hoping she comes and sits next to me... "You can sit over there" She said pointing to a place on the opposite side of the room. I sink into my chair and Leanne can see that my anxiety is getting bad so she secretly comes and sits next to me. She tells Abbie not to snitch on her and Abbie agrees. I feel a lot more comfortable now and I'm hoping that that Miss doesn't notice.

"Heather... You can sit there" pointing to the seat infront of me. That's okay because Heather is one of my best friends. There is one person left and plenty of other free seats so I sigh of relief thinking that no one else would sit there and Miss wouldn't have to move Leanne.

"And last but certainly not least... Pat you can sit in the middle of Lauren and Abbie"

My mind is going mental and I'm finding it hard to breathe.

"But I can't... Leanne's sitting there" said the boy that I have established is called Pat which I think is short for Patrick. He is tall and has a cute dark blonde quiff. He is one of the popular boys that everyone fancies.

Miss gives Leanne a death glare.

"But..." Leanne tries.

"MOVE!" She shouted and Leanne immediately jumped out of her seat and ran across the room to where she was meant to be sat. I looked at Leanne as Pat was coming over and I could see her mouth I'm Sorry. I quickly mouth back Its Okay and Miss starts talking about our lesson.

I open my book and start writing down the date. I'm trying to ignore Pat but it's so hard. He is a really fit boy. It sounds weird but he was stunning.

"Hi Lauren" he said in his sexy husky voice.

How the fk does he know my name.

My mind starts racing and I forget that I haven't answered him.

"Hi" I whispered softly not wanting to be caught buy the teacher.

I kicked myself under the table. Is that it? All you had was Hi? You have totally blown that. Now he is going to think that your and antisocial bitch. Great.

He smirks and it literally gives me the feels.

He gets on with his work and so do I. I look up and see what Leanne's doing. She's looking at me making a heart with her hands, obviously talking about me and Pat. I quickly look around the room to make sure nobody sees. Then I have a mini heart attack because I think Pats looking. I act natural and look at him. He is copying work off the board. Good. He didn't see anything. I quickly make a heart with my hands and put it around her and a boy sat next to her. He was called Seb and he was really weird. And I mean it. He was eating sticks.

Leanne immediately does a 'pretending-to-be-sick face' and I laugh. Pat looks at me and I look at my book and do the work. He shrugs and carries on writing.

Shit. That was close.

The bell goes and Miss ends the lesson. We all pack up and I run over to Leanne. "That wasn't so bad was it?" She says. I laugh and shake my head. She then added "Ya know... I can tell you like him". I know who she's on about but I quickly say "who?". "PATRICK FUCKING HENDERSON!" "Aww. You two would make a great couple" she keeps going on trying to think of a good 'ship' name for us. I smile and gently punch her arm. There is literally no use arguing with her. She always wins.

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