The Bad Series takes you into the mysterious and often dangerous lives of young adults.
four Girls who meets these out of town Bad Guys, decides to take a huge turn and walk into a whole different level of bad, or maybe the only one that actually experiences being bad for the first time actually becomes the baddest of the bad.

"I'm not going to be the girl you marry,but I'll be the girl you'll be thinking Of twenty years from now while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your wack sex game."

A story Of: Sex, drugs,Love/Hate, Rebels


1. Prologue

"Bad girls ain't no good and Good Girls ain't no fun, well at least that's what they say. It's a mysterious and dangerous world out here, there's no time to be good, good isn't going to get you through the tough life. Good is weak. Guys seem to love bad girls, they know what they want and they don't stop until they get what they want."

Bold black writings on the bathroom wall, again Angel sees her name. All over she sees heartless bitch, slut, easy anything you name it. Again as usual she takes out a black pen to respond to the unpleasant and dreadful words, but of course she didn't care, she actually liked answering back to them. Angel started replying "Wish you were this heartless slut right? Thank you to all my fans I love you guys." She rubbed her red lipstick lips together and kissed the filthy door leaving her lip signature by her hand writing. She opened the door walking out of the stall and kicking open the bathroom door walking out of the bathroom like a bad ass she is. Wearing a short sleeved Dark red and black long sweater that stopped just an inch over her knees, showing off her black inked up arms and having it slip off her left shoulder, along with black combat boots. She strutted over to her three best friends since first grade.

"Hey bitches, the queen is here." She said wrapping her arms over both Allison and Natalie while Skylar put books in her locker from out of her bag.

"Queen? Yea right." Allison said giggling at her remark. "More like the devil queen if you ask me."

Angel just rolled her eyes. "So anyway we should go out tonight."

"Go out where?" Skylar said closing her locker giving angel her full attention.

"We should go to Night cloud tonight." Natalie excitedly suggested as they started walking.

"See this is why we are friends, good minds think alike huh?" Angel replied.

"I don't know guys it's a school night." Skylar said looking at angel.

"Okay look." She said getting in front of the girls and stopping them from walking any further. "Don't be a pussy, let loose and be free, this is the night for all of us. I promise you that we won't stay there all night."

Skylar bit her lip playing with her lip ring between her teeth. "Okay, I guess that could work." She finally answered smiling.

They all got excited and hugged and started walking down the hall way again. A guy with hazel eyes, tanned skin, and a sharp jaw line walked over towards us.

"Hey Natalie ca-" he started to speak but Natalie interrupted him.

"Bye boy." She said waving him off still walking.

Angel did a double take looking at her and then at him. "Bitch you cray." She walked over to the guy as she wrote her number down on a piece of paper that she took from a freshmen. She slapped it on his chest. "Call me, I love the lakers by the way." She winked at him walking off back to the girls.

As Natalie said bye to her friends she walked into the brightly lit classroom, the sun was shining like their was no tomorrow. The desks were lined up row by row in a singular way, no groups the room would always smell renewed unlike the other classes She has. Ms Hunter always like to keep her room smelling pleasant.

Natalie hugged her books as She walked to the back row, Lord knows how she hates sitting in the front, she thinks if she sits in the front she would always get picked easily even though she knows the answers. She sets her books down on the desk and started writing the notes on the board. The class started getting filled with students, some showed up late, some showed up just before bell chimed like Natalie did and some even came late.

The guy that Natalie had brushed off came walking in laughing with two other guys.

"Malik, Brad, and Stephen you are late." Mrs.Hunter said not taking her eyes off the board as she wrote down the notes.

"My fault Mrs. Hunter it won't happen again." He said licking his lips.

His friends said mumbled something having them to laugh as they walked to the back.

"Ugh, such a girl." She thought.

He made his way sitting right behind Natalie as his friends sat in different seats but in the same row.

"Ya know ignoring a guy ain't all that nice." The guy Malik whispered as he leaned up on the desk.

"Can you shut up!" she yelled quietly through clenched teeth turning her head to the side so he would know that's she's exactly talking to him.

"You know how to shut me up-"

"Mr. Malik, will you stop messing with Ms. Carle" My stubborn stuck up teacher said.

"Sure." He said finally opening his book writing his notes.

And that's how things work around here. Natalie Got What I wanted when I want it. And finally, to what she thought seemed to be ages the bell had rang. She got up quickly gathering her books together and walking out the classroom.

"Yo Natalie wait up!" Malik said trying to catch up to her.

"Jesus what does he want" she thought rolling her eyes but decided to ignore him and kept it moving.

"I said wait up!" He said while yanking her sweatshirt hood back, causing her to choke and fall back. She started coughing and falling off balance onto her butt.

"What the hell man!" she yelled before standing up.

"Sorry princess." He grinned.

"Don't call me princess you douche." She said dusting off her clothes from the filthy floor before walking towards her locker leaving Malik to stand there in the crowded hall.

"What the hell, was that." Natalie jumped in surprise hearing her best friends voice.

"Allison, it's just you" she sighed in relief that it wasn't Malik again.

"Just me, I'm the queen bitch" she yelled before looking at the boy who had choked Natalie.

"He's hot!" She whispered.

"He's also a douche." She said getting her books out and then slamming the locker shut.

"But he just wants to talk to you." Allison paused looking at Malik and then Back at Natalie. "I think he likes you."

"Yea well he's not my type, let's just go find Sky and Ang."

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