The Bad Series takes you into the mysterious and often dangerous lives of young adults.
four Girls who meets these out of town Bad Guys, decides to take a huge turn and walk into a whole different level of bad, or maybe the only one that actually experiences being bad for the first time actually becomes the baddest of the bad.

"I'm not going to be the girl you marry,but I'll be the girl you'll be thinking Of twenty years from now while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your wack sex game."

A story Of: Sex, drugs,Love/Hate, Rebels


4. Live A Little


Waking up the next day with a major Hangover and the bright sun light beaming through the black window blinds on my face sure wasn't making anything better, I sat up blinking a few times so my eyes could adjust to the light. The walls were a Dark tan, the desks and drawers were black, there was a black flat screen hanging on the wall, the rug was a dark tan just like the walls. Who's room is this? How the hell did I get here? I paused my thoughts flung back the blanket and thank goodness my close were still on. I looked to the side of me and there was a note along with water and Aspirin. I picked up the note and it read:


Dear, whatever your name is
Take the pills because I know your gonna wake up with a hangover, don't worry I didn't Put anything in it, I'm not a rapist lets  just say I'm captain Save A Hoe. (No the hell he didn't just call me a hoe) when you leave out just make sure you fix up my sheets and you can thank me later babe.

Great no name, what type of letter is this? no name, and this letter is fucking rude, he made the right decision of leaving before I woke up because I would've went upside his head with this note of his, matter a fact I'm gonna keep it for when I see him. I looked at the water and the pill bottle, I opened it and it hasn't even been used yet, it still has the silver plastic on the top. I peeled it open, poring two small pills in my hand. I grabbed the room temperature water bottle, as I turned the top I heard the crackling noise of the top alerting me that nobody has opened it yet. I popped the pills in my mouth and gobbled it down Until I finished the bottle. I swung my feet across the bed onto the soft carpet, it felt like I was on a cloud that's how soft it was.i stood up off the bed and fixed the sheets back not because he said so but because I don't even like getting out of my bed without making mine either. I left the pill bottle there and grabbed the empty bottle putting it in his trash can next to the exit of his room door. I Turned the knob slowly and opened the door with caution. I peeked my head through and looked both ways, nobody was in sight. I walked down the long ass hallway and made my way down the stairs. I noticed my bag and shoes were by the door hanging up, I rushed towards it taking it down checking to see if anything was missing, everything looked normal, I slipped my boots on and left our the house closing the door behind me.

                It was really nice outside, I could smell the fresh air of nature surrounding me, the sun was nicely shining in the sky. Summer is my Favorite season of them all. You could hear the birds chirping, now I'm not Cinderella…..or was it Snow White? Whatever I don't care, the point is, I don't give a fuck about any type of animals chirping along the way I just want to get my ass home, my Phone was dead so that's my luck isn't it ? Good thing as I was just about to walk down I spotted a black taxi coming Down the block. I walked to the edge of the former waving my hand ahead so he would know to stop, it did and I hopped right in telling him the address to where I was headed to.

Waking up to the smell of breakfast I got out of bed, got in the shower,  brushed my teeth and washed my face. I dried myself off as I started to look for clothes in my  walk in closet. I decided to just put on something casual. I picked out: light blue destroyed boyfriend overalls with the bottom cuffs rolled up to my ankles, white crop top where it's laced up in the back, white pumps with a silk scarf wrapped around my neck.

I put my hair up into a sloppy bun having loose strands and my long baby hair curling up at my edges. I put on my silver diamond small cross necklace along with my diamond studs to match. I sprayed watermelon perfume all around me. I walked downstairs seeing my mom and dad in the kitchen. 

“Happy birthday!!” My parents said running up to me and giving me a hug. I hugged them back tightly thanking them and giggling.
“How does it feel to be eighteen?” My mother said showing off her beautiful pearly whites.

"Eh same old...don't feel anything different.” I said pretending that I wasn't excited. I looked at my mother and father and smiled joyfully from ear to ear.

“I'm joking guys, jeez lighten up!” I said pushing my dad shoulder lightly.

He laughed and pulled me in on his lap tickling me. “Don't forget your still my little girl.”  

I laughed historically because I'm ticklish like everywhere.

“Dad stoooooop.” 

“Right?” He smiled as I seen his deep dimples sink In.

"Y-yes.” He lifted me up off his lap as I caught my breath. “Don't do that, you play to much.”

“Do You want breakfast?” 
“Yes thank you…but why are you guys still here? Don't you both have a business trip to attend?”

“Yea, but that's not Until another hour…. Trying to rush us out or something ?”

“No, damn dad, I can't make conversation?” I joked.

“Your eighteen not twenty one watch it.” He said pointing his index finger at me.

“Sorry, a few friends will be coming over…that's cool with you guys?”

“Yea, but just a few…don't invite the whole school and don't let Angel push you into doing it either.” My mom  said as she raised her eye brows and tilting her head down a little.

“Mom I got this, don't worry about it, when you guys come back next month the place will look like I didn't even bring friends over.” I smiled and tilting my head to the right.

“Ahhh like mother like daughter HUH?” My dad said standing up and leaving out the kitchen.

“You love us dad!!” I yelled after him.

She looked at the clock on the wall. “Well it's time for me to get ready, sorry we could spend more time with you.” She said kissing me on my forehead. 

“It's okay mom, make that money.” I said jokingly.

She laughed and walked out of the kitchen eating alone, I was actually putting up a big front right there if you didn't notice, it's not like the first time they missed my birthday, I would've been fine with it, but no they missed it three in a row each year.

I finished my plate and washed the dishes, an hour have passed and my parents came downstairs.

“We're leaving okay?” My dad said.

“Yes I know…”

“Here.” My dad said pulling out the emergency credit card and holding it out, just when I was just about to take it he snatched it back. “Emergency…only.” He said slowly.

“Dad, really? Do you have to do this every year? I know what emergency means.” I said holding my hand out for him to give me the card.

He smirks and puts it in my hand. “I know, I'm just fucking witcha.” 

Me and my mom laughed. “We’ll call you when we get settled in ok?”

“Okay, you guys are late, stop talking, go go go.” I said opening up the door and pushing them out.

“Make sure you have your phone on.” My mom said opening the door of the car.

“Yes I know the rules…bye have fuun..” I waved to them until they were no where in sight, I closed the door picking up my phone from off the counter plopping on the couch and dialing three way. The phone rang five times before they both answered. Well damn.

I laughed. “We're you both planning to pick up at the same time.”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAY!!!!” They both yelled In The phone cause me to take my ear away for a minute and laugh at the same time.

“Thank you!” I yelled back in the phone.

“So  your parents went on the business trip already?”

“Yea…did you guys hear from Angel yet?”

“No, come on she's Angel, she can handle herself.” Natalie said.

“Yes but she's still with some strange guy we met last night in the club.” I said biting my lip getting nervous, that's when the door bell rang. “Hold on.”

I got up and walked to the door looking in the peep hole, I smiled from ear to ear and opened the door quickly jumping into Angels arms as she caught me.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAD ASS!” She laughed and I laughed also as I got off of her, we both walked in the house as she closed the door behind her.
I grabbed my phone and picked it up putting it on speaker. “Speaking of the devil you guys.” I said into the phone.

“Missed me bitches? You should because you bitches just let me get dragged out with some stranger.” Angel said plopping down on the couch.

“We told your ass not to get drunk, and what did your hard headed ass went to do?” Allison spoke out.

“Get drunk.” We all said at once except for angel.

She rolled her eyes. “Well I barley remember anything, and he can't be that bad if I'm at your house right now.”

“Alright, alright…you’re here, we are glad your not hurt.” Natalie said.

“So where's my car? I’m going to shower and change into some clean clothes.”

“Your keys are on the rack by the door.” I said pointing straight.

She turns around, I guess she spotted them so she got up and walked straight towards the rack and grabbing the only keys that is hanging up there. “Well I'll see you in a few girlie.”

“Hurry up, don't take forever.” I joked knowing damn well she's going to do just that.

“Oh of course not.” She said sarcastically as she smiled and opened the door leaving out.

Driving my motor in front of the rocky palace, I took my helmet off and kicking down the breaks. Getting off of the bike I walked into the palace seeing all the different teams.

“Bruh you're late, where the hell you been?” Zayn asked.

I started taking off my shirt as I walked up front. “Doesn't matter, I'm here now.” I shoved my shirt in his hands.

“You, you, you, and you lets go.” I said pointing to the guys on the opposite teams.
“You sure your ready for it Bieber?” The guy Bruno asked stepping in front of me with no shirt on.

“I did pick you didn't I ?” 

He smirked and turned around jogging on the stand. We all followed, Dylan was my partner for this challenge. We all hopped on the stand lining in a straight horizontal line. I slipped on my black gloves that showed my fingers only.

“GO!” The ranger shouted.

We all jumped up for the railing and started doing pull ups. The whole point  of this was to get stronger, while in the process it determines which team is stronger then who's. Once we made it up to thirty one, one of  the guys named Butch on my far right dropped, there was now six guys left on the stand. 

“Forty, forty one, forty two!” The crowd shouted and counted.

Once we reached sixty nine two more guys dropped leaving Me, Dylan, Bruno and his team mate still up here. We kept pulling until we reached a hundred and ten.

“Fuck.” I heard Dylan say before he dropped. I was pissed at the fact that I was the only one standing against Bruno and his boy. Reached one thirty and his team mate dropped. I just kept saying in my head, come on you got this Bieber, don't slip up! My arms were getting tired as fuck, I never got this far.

“Don't  slip up Jay! Don't Fuck it up! We got this!” Chris yelled. 

They were pissing me the fuck off,  I started feeling excruciating pain in my arms, I couldn't do it, I dropped once we reached one fifty. I heard my crew groan in defeat. Bruno's team just cheered as he dropped down onto the stand giving Dap to his buddies as he climbed off.

“Damn man what happen?!” Zayn asked.

Chris nudged his arm. “You'll get em next time bruh, don't worry about it.”

“Next time, don't talk shit if you can't back it up Bieber.” Bruno said walking up on me as I turned around to face him. 

“Yea, keep running that big ass mouth, I can damn sure back something else up.” I said stepping closer as Chris stepped in between.
“Nah Jay, your not doing this shit here.” Chris said backing me up and turning around towards Bruno and his crew.

“Back the fuck up.” He said looking him up and down with a smug look on his face.

“Damn Bieber, I ain't know you had YA crew fighting your battles, let's go y'all.” He said chuckling and walked away as his crew followed him.

“So that was your plan…making me look like a pussy, right after I just lost the competition.” I said with a stern look on my face, I was pissed by this point.

“You worrying about fighting, so what if you lost, you got a race coming up, we all know you got that one.”

“Don't sweat it man.” Dylan said smacking my back.

“Let's blow this shit.” Zayn said.

I smirked in the process realizing what we could do next for excitement of the day.

“Why don't we go crash a party.”

“Who’s party do you have in mind?” Dylan chuckled crossing his arms over his chest.

“Your remember the group of girls, that we met at the club last night?”

They nodded as I took the invite out of my jean pocket, opened it and they hovered over as I showed them.

“The girl I was talking to that lived in the big mansion up hill, she's turning eighteen tonight, and she's having a party.”

“Alright then we out!” Dylan shouted and we ran out to our bikes and speeding towards our destination.


The song M.F.P.O.T.Y by Cher Lloyd was blasting through the speakers. 

Natalie :  wearing  a pastel blue hoodie that had  big bold black letters on it that said ‘ Born To Be Wild’  her brown hair  is up in a sloppy ponytail , no make up , blue washed up destroyed skinny jeans  with her black timberlands.

Allison:  wearing a blue body suit, it wasn't to tight and it wasn't to loose, wearing her jet black long hair straight , black sandals showing off her white polished toes.

Angel:  Wearing a Black crop top, an over sized chain choker around her neck  with ripped  boyfriend  jeans, black and white stacked oxfords shoes, black mascara and eye liner with natural looking lip stick on, putting her short undercut  hairstyle to the side.

I had invited a few people, not to big because mommy dearest said not to. People from my school were already dancing on top of each other. Angel had brought liquor of course, she says “liquor is what always starts the party, without it, the party will be lame.” Or whatever. I just had to make sure she brought two gallons of Poland spring and wine.

The song “Feeling myself” by Nicki Minaj ft Beyoncé came blasting through the speakers. Me and my friends were dancing and singing along to Beyoncé’s verse.

“I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling my.” We sang with the red cups in our hand.

“May I get the opportunity to feel on you to.” A male voice said out loud behind us. 
We all turned around to find Mahlik and practically the whole basketball crew behind him We realized his eyes were on Natalie when he made that statement.

“No, you won't get the opportunity to do shit.” She smiled slightly love her comeback.

He looked her up and down and tugged at her hoodie. “What the hell is this?”

She pulled her arm away and gave him a smug look. “Clothes genius.”

He chuckled. “to a party like this? Sky why didn't you tell your friend that she's looking like a fool coming here dressing like its twelve degrees out here when it's hot a motherfucker.”

“The AC is on so she's probably cold, and it's my party, she could wear what she wants.” I shrugged.

Angel put her drink down and stepped in between Natalie and Mahlik. “You need to mess with somebody your own size.”

He laughs and Nudges his friend in the arm and his friends laugh to. “Do you hear this girl?” 

“How about you and your bitch ass crew go take a leap somewhere.”

“Can I dance with this beautiful girl right here first….and then I'll think about it.” He said eyeing Natalie. 

She smiles slightly and makes eye contact. “If I dance with you will you leave me alone for the rest of the day.”

“We’ll see.” He holds out his hand, Natalie looks at it, she lifts up her hand but she hesitates and he takes her hand anyway leading her in the middle where everybody else is dancing in a medium whining and grinding rhythm to the song: Somebody by Natalie La Rose ft Jeremih.
 Angel turns around slowly. “Why is she wearing that anyway?”

I roll my eyes. “Does it matter what she's wearing? We've known Nat since pre k, she's always been wearing sweaters, we don't need to start questioning shirt now just because Mahlik made a comment on it.”

“Yea angel, what sky said.” Allison said giggling a little.

 Just then we heard a lot of ruckus coming from the back door in the kitchen.

“Hold on I'll be right back you guys.”  I put my cup down walking past and through the dancing bodies.


Skylar walked  down into the basement she spotted a few guys that I didn't know but recognised them as soon as they looked at me. It was the guys from the party last night. 

“What's up sweet heart?” Justin asked smirking.

“Did you just break into my damn house?” Skylar said looking around to see if anything was broken.

“Nah we just told the security that we came for the party.” A British accent was heard from the back of skylar causing her to jump and turn around slightly to look at him.

Zayn laughed and walked around her as  Justin laughed and slapped hands with him.

“Come ooon, I mean you kind of invited me.” Justin said pulling out a piece of paper.

Skylar raised my eye brow. “what is that?”

“your invitation…but enough of that, I brought you a gift.” He said stepping closer causing skylar stepped back being alert.

He chuckled. “like I said I won't hurt you baby girl.” He pulled out something pink from his pocket and when he fully opened it my eyes grew. They were pink laced all over Victoria Secret panties.

“They look like they could fit you.” He said  putting them up to her and was nudged by his friend Chris who was a little taller then him.

“Nah, bro, she has hips, what size is that?” Chris asked chuckling.

He laughed. “A small.”

“You got me used panties?” She said shocked and disgusted.

“They're washed.” Justin shrugged. 

“What? You save panties from girls you fuck?”

His crew laughed in the back and he bit his bottom lip looking skylar over.

“So let's go party! What are we waiting for?” Dylan yelled as they made their way up the steps.

“Hey!” Skylar yelled about to run after them when Justin pulled her silk scarf of her neck making her turn her attention to him.

“Give it back…who the fuck do you think you are?!” Skylar said reaching for it but Justin snatched it back.

She looked at him and he was smirking proudly, she scuffed and tried to take it again but he raised it in the air having her jump for it. 

“Give me it!” 

He chuckled. “Short girls.” And with that he ran to the back by the pool with her running after.

“I will fucking punch the shit out of you!”  She said stopping 3 feet away from him.

“Ooh fiesty.” Justin licked his lips. “I also like them wet also.”
“what are-“ Justin interrupted her by wrapping his arms around her and dunking both himself and her in the pool having her scream in the process.

She was wailing her hands and slapping the water current him out. “You fucking ass hole!!!” Your ruined my fucking clothes.” She swam back to the boarder and got out of the pool hearing him laugh in the background.
“Aww you look so cute when your maaaaad.” He teased. “I wouldn't go back in there if I were you.”

“Oh yea and why the hell not!”

“well first, I can see those amazing ass titties through your shirt.”

She looked down and noticed her shirt was see through because of how soaked it was. She looked at him and then at the room seeing the guys about to come out so she jumped back in the pool quickly.














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