The Bad Series takes you into the mysterious and often dangerous lives of young adults.
four Girls who meets these out of town Bad Guys, decides to take a huge turn and walk into a whole different level of bad, or maybe the only one that actually experiences being bad for the first time actually becomes the baddest of the bad.

"I'm not going to be the girl you marry,but I'll be the girl you'll be thinking Of twenty years from now while you engage in polite sex with your boring wife who fakes her orgasm to make you feel better about your wack sex game."

A story Of: Sex, drugs,Love/Hate, Rebels


2. How Bad Can A Good Girl Get?


Looking out into the dancing crowd, I spotted sky and some guy dancing in the middle of the floor, but afterwards I watched him walk off just as skylar started to get into it, she then through a silent fit and walked over towards me pushing through the crowd. I chuckled lightly as she sat down.

“What the fuck are you laughing about?” She said rolling her eyes turning around facing the bar and leaning her elbows on it.

“Well, I was laughing at you, and did you just curse at me?” I asked a little shocked that she did. To be honest she never cursed out like that.

“What? You think just because you have a little alcohol in your system you’re a complete bad bitch now?” Natalie laughed looking at Skylar.

With a response she just rolled her eyes. “Where is Angel, I'm ready to go.”

“Hey, it's normal to get rejected in the club like that, it's just your first.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“You think I'm mad about that? “ she said raising her eyebrows.

Me and Natalie nodded. “Yup”

She started laughing, me and Natalie just looked at each other confusingly and looked back at her.

She stopped laughing and looked at us. “I will never be upset over a delinquent like him.”

As they both continued to rant on about being mad or not, I tuned them out locking eyes with a gorgeous guy with dark brown curly hair, a piercing on his bottom lip, he was wearing a white fitted V Neck shirt showing off his broad muscular chest. He wore a blue jean jacket over his arms, some black ripped up jeans with some blue and white Jordan's, well I only knew they were Jordan's because they had the jumping man on the tongue of the sneaker. He took a sip of his drink as we still made eye contact. I watched as his friend tapped him and said something to him breaking his trance, he then nodded and the whole group got up and walked out towards the exit.

“So are you guys done making googly eyes at each other?” I said jumping a little and looking at Natalie.

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked being clueless knowing exactly what she was talking about.

“We aren't stupid, you and that guy were staring at each other for how long?” Skylar

“like about ten minutes or so?” She said moving her lips to the lips to the side.

“Okay fine, he's cute, so?” I finally confessed.

“But yet.” Natalie paused. “He didn't make his way over here.”

I shrug my shoulders. “His fucking loss…I'm one attractive bitch if you ain't know yet.”

We all laughed it off.


As Stumbled out of the bathroom nearly losing my balance I bumped into a muscular chest followed by alcohol spilling on my favorite shirt and dropping to the floor. I heard a chuckle followed by “My Bad Ma.” I slowly looked up and met some brown dilated eyes.

“My shiiiirt.” I said slurring my words and pointing to it. “Y-your going to b-buuuuy me a new one.” I said jabbing my index finger on his hard chest.

“Your drunk I see.” He said with a smirk plastered on his face.

“AndYourFuckingAnnoyingMe.” I said stumbling away as my words tumbled from my mouth in a rush of barley distinguishable syllables.

I walked back to the bar, but it was the wrong one, fuck, there are to many bars up in this bitch, well not reality only two, but I'll just stay at this bar just because I don't feel like walking back to the other one. The bartender put a drink and front of me and I just looked at him confusingly.

"The fella over there brought you over there.” He said pointing to the guy. I looked to my right seeing an average looking guy and nodding at me. Hey free drink and I don't have to pay, why not. I jugged it down feeling a tingly and burning sensation going down my throat, the next thing I knew the guy that brought me the drink came walking over towards me.

“Mind if I ask you to dance with me?” The average looking guy said smiling holding out his hand towards me.

His smile was crystal clear and lined up perfectly.

“I'm a little…..fuuuucked up right now.” I said tilting my head and smiling slightly at him.

“You can still have fun, no matter how wasted you are.”

He's right about that so I nodded. “Your right, fuck this, I'm gonna continue to have fun.” I took his hand and lead him into the middle of the dance floor. The DJ started playing all the good hits. Then the DJ put on Jamie Foxx’s song. ‘DJ Play A Love Song’.

I started working my hips real slow to the beat. The alcohol I had drunk was giving me a good buzz. Average guy and I were rocking to the beat. My back to his chest, one hand on my waist and another one on my bare thigh. The dancing was going well until I felt his hard on against my ass, that disgusted me, normally it wouldn't but I don't feel the mood at the moment.

“Alriiiiight, I'm done dancing, I'm getting tired of standing.” I said turning around and shouting but at the same time slurring a little over the music.

“Your not going anywhere, I'm gonna get me some.” He said whispering in my ear.

“Leeeet, me goo.” Right then And there I started to feel really dizzy and it isn't because I'm drunk either, it's a different type of feeling. My eyes started to feel all droopy and burry then it already was. I couldn't balance myself so I had no choice but to lean my back on him again. His arm around my waist gotten tighter. He managed to hold both my arms and waist tightly pinned against him with one hand. One of his free hand slid up my thigh and under my dress shirt.

“Get the hell-“ I started to say but my head started pounding so instead I groaned in the process, I tried to wiggle myself free but my body was feeling numb. What the hell is happening to me. Dancing people blocked my view from even looking at the bars. So I was fucked. He started tracing his finger against my thong. I tried to be strong about this situation but instead a damn tear ran down my cheek, right when he ripped it off I heard a loud crash and a thud. I turned around slowly realizing the guy that was holding me was laying on the floor knocked out cold. I nearly fell over and I was caught by I don’t know who, here the fuck we go again. I felt my feet rise off the ground, my head layer against a muscular chest and man did he smell good. It smelled like peaches. I love peaches. My eyes shut slowly and I soon felt a draft, I was assuming we were outside.

“Who the hell is that?” A guys British accent was heard.

“Some guy drugged her, imma just take her home.” I heard a raspy voice say from over me.

“Ahhhh, didn't she come with friends.” Another guy's voice said.

“Yes, why don't you guys go get them.” The guy over me said. “Do whatever, I don't give a fuck what you do.”

That being said I felt him walking again. I heard the car door open and I was soon laid down against I guess the back seat of the car followed by the sound of the door closing.

Third POV

“I'm seriously ready to go, where the hell is Angel?” Allison said looking around to see if she had any hopes on seeing her.

“We'll sitting here isn't going to do anything.” Skylar said getting up. “Let's go find her.”

“Well there's no need for that baby girl.” A guys voice said.

They all turned around to find the group that they had talked to earlier.

“And why not?” Natalie said crossing her left leg over her right leg.

“Because she's already on her way home, don't worry she's fine, she just got waisted to hard.”

"Leave it up to Angel to get waisted knowing she has to drive, I'm glad I took her keys.” Skylar said holding up the keys and dangling them in between her thumb and middle finger.

“Thanks sweetheart.” The blonde haired boy said snatching the keys from out of her hand.

Skylar looked at him and snatched the keys back. “No thank you I got this, I'm currently practicing how to drive and I know everything about the road, I'll take it from here.” And she walks off having Allison and Natalie behind her.

“Are u really about to drive this car?” Natalie said trying to catch up to Skylars speed walking.

“We have to get home some how, don't worry I won't kill us all, I know exactly what I'm doing.” Skylar said clicking the button to make all the doors unlock. They all got in the car. Skylar in the drivers seat, Natalie in the passenger and Allison in the back. As soon as they got in Natalie and Allison made sure they out on their seatbelt. Skylar looked at them and laughed a little shaking her head and finally putting her seat belt on to. She pulled off and headed to the direction where everybody lived.

“So you do know what your doing?” Natalie said looking at Skylar easing up a little.

“Yea, I told you I do.” Skylar answered back without taking her eyes off of the road.

An hour past by before they finally reached back to where Natalie lived. “See you tomorrow.” Natalie waved off getting out of the car.”

She dropped off Allison also saying their goodbyes.

Skylar finally reached home and she found a parking spot across from her house.

She parked the car and got out, and grabbed her school bag and pushing the button to lock the doors on the key set. As she walked across the street a car pulled up behind her. “So you did know what you were doing.” A guys voice rang out from through the window causing Skylar to jump a little and turn around.

She noticed it was the guys back from the club. She sighs doc relief but still keeping her guards up not really sure what they are capable of doing “Are you stalking me or something.” Skylar said crossing her arms over her chest.

The guy with the blonde hair got out of the car and walked over towards her. “Nah not at all babe.” He said licking his lips and stepping on the side walk having Skylar backing up.

He noticed it but didn't bother to say anything about it. He looked up at the big house with gates all around it. “This is your house? or mansion should I call it?”

She stayed silent.

“So you’re the little pesky girl that lives here?” He said laughing a little.

“No pesky, just a girl.” She said looking him in the eye.

“Names Justin by the way.” He said stepping closer.”

“That's nice, am I supposed to say my name back?” She said raising her eye brow.

She heard a chuckle coming from the car. “Damn, are all your friends feisty like this, a brotha just wants a name.” The guy with the British accent said through the drivers seat leaving Justin to laugh it off.

She turned around fixing her strap on her shoulder not saying anything typing in a code on the gate.

“Will I see you again?!” Justin said loud enough for Skylar to hear but she Ignored him and as she walked past the gate a paper fall out of her bag. He watched as she walked up the short road and Around merry-go-round into her house, he walked over to pick up the paper. It was her birthday invitation, she was turning Eighteen. He smirked and said “I guess I will.” And walked back to the car getting in, leaving the guy on the drivers seat to drive off.


I felt the guy pick me up out of the car again and walking to I don't know what. I opened my eyes again seeing that I was inside a house? I know this wasn't mine, it had to be his. He walked into the bedroom and laid my on the soft heaven like bed. Oh god this is exactly what I needed. I decided to open my eyes a little to see who it was but the guy was heading out the room closing the door behind him. Hell he's not doing anything, I was to fucked up to even think clearly. I just fell asleep and go nuts in the morning.

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