Was a bad boy

Claire is a normal 17 year old girl. But she falls for the school bad boy Luke hemmings and everything changes...

read to find out what happens!!!❤️


6. movies with the boys

Luke's pov~

When her and cal got in the car they were laughing " what happend" I asked eager to know. " well Calum said we better hurry up cause you'll think were making out then I said -Ew no why would I do that with you when you my best friend and my only friend." Claire said "and.." Calum said "and what?" I asked "nothing " claire said quickly "OMG use did make out?!" I yelled CLAUM and claire just looked at each other and bursted out in laughter " no no no she also said she's got a perfect boyfriend that she loves is what she also said" they both calmed down laughing. Wow that was a relief I thought she kissed him! " we better get going mikey and ash are gonna be at your house in 10 minutes." Claire said. " ok" I said. I started the car and put on the radio and me and her favourite band Greenday where on and we sung it. " Calum what's wrong?" Claire asked as she looked back at him " oh nothing I'm just tired" he said then laughed " oh ok" she said then turned back around to face me. She smiled then turned away. I placed my hand on her thigh and she put her hand on top of it and held my hand.

Calum's pov~

There so cute together I'm so glad my two best friends are finally happy and I don't have to hear them talk about how much they wanna date each other anymore. Just one problem their always gonna be making out ew.. we pulled up at Luke's house and we all got out and saw mike and ash were out the front on the porch. " hey guys" ash said " hey" me claire and Luke said at the same time. " OMG are use finally dating?!" Mike screamed " yeah but what do yu mean finally?" Claire asked. "Oh um yeah Luke would never stop talking about how hot and perfect you are" Michael said. I looked at Luke and smirked and he just blushed. " Luke don't be embarrassed she said you hot and perfect you are oh she always said she would die to make out with you" I blurted out. Everyone busted out laughing " OMG Calum I'm going to kill you!" She said and chased me inside the house. She finally caught me and tackled me into the lounge and was sitting on top of me. "Please don't hit me" I begged cause I know she's violent!. As I said that Luke pickled her up off me. "Hey chill" he said to her. He obviously could she the rage in her face. "Lurk did you like not hear what he just said?! Oh wait never mind forget you did!" She said and Luke started to laugh. "Mention that and I'll cut your face off!" She said bad then Luke's face went dead serious.

Luke's pov~

I'm so happy she actually really like me! Like even after I bullied her. but I still hate myself for bullying her I did it because I thought it Pryor make me cool but I realised it would make her hate me.

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