Was a bad boy

Claire is a normal 17 year old girl. But she falls for the school bad boy Luke hemmings and everything changes...

read to find out what happens!!!❤️


3. movie nights.

Claire's pov~

Luke's house is enormous. We walked in and he said " do you want something to eat or drink?" " no thank, you were are your parents?"I asked curiously " I don't live with them no more they moved to the us for work but it doesn't bother me they always yelled at me and called me named anyways" he said looking down " oh my god sorry Luke" I said while looking into his ocean blue eyes " it's ok it doesn't bother me anyways " he said with a smile " ohk" I said " we'll you got sit on the lounge and ill be right back" he said "ok" he came back with 2 blankets, a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of coke with 2 cups. "Hey what movie do you want to watch" he asked " I don't care what ever you want" I said " how about annabelle " he said " yer sure" I said he put the movie in and sat on the lounge next to me and put the blanket on us. When the scary part came on I cuddled into Luke and berried my face into his chest while he rubbed my back.

Luke's pov~

When she was cuddling me I felt like there was fireworks and that was just from a hug. Half way through the movie I noticed she fell asleep so I picked her up and carried her to my room bridal style. When I later her on my bed I started to walk away when I hear her say "wait stay with me" in her sleepy voice " ok" I said I hopped into the bed with her and she cuddled into my chest and we fell asleep.

*********************•next morning•***********************

Claire's pov~

I woke up in Luke's strong arm and it felt like heaven he looked so cute asleep. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:00 but considering it was a Saturday I just got up and walked to his balcony and looked out to the view of the ocean. Then I felt strong arms around me and turned to see Luke."hey hoe did you sleep babe" he said " good you" I asked " great" he said with a smirk." I'm gonna go make breakfast want some" he asked " yes please " I said " what do you want?" He asked " what ever your having" I said." Ok so pancakes?" He said " wow you know how to cook them? Ahayes please" I said while he rolled his eyes and kissed my cheek Turning me red.

Luke's pov~

I walked down the stairs and claire followed behind. I made the pancakes and gave them to her. She eats like a princess. " you know your a really good cook?" She said after she'd finished her mouthful of food. " really? Thanks Calum always says hoe shit I am" I said and we both laughed. " hey after this do you wanna go to the beach?" I asked her " yeah sure but can we drop by my house first to get my stuff?" She asked " yeah" I said.

Sorry for a short chapter. Again comment what you think about thse chapter!😘

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