Was a bad boy

Claire is a normal 17 year old girl. But she falls for the school bad boy Luke hemmings and everything changes...

read to find out what happens!!!❤️


4. beach and big moves

Claire's pov~

When we were driving to my house Luke said " do you wanna stay a couple more nights ya know cause we both live alone?" He asked I got so excited " yeah sure um so I'll pack a bag then?" I asked " yup" he said. once we pulled up at my house I asked him if he wanted to come in he said yes and he came with me to my room. He sat on the bed while I packed " I love your room" he said while looking around " thanks I thought you would haha" I said. I packed a few clothes. And my tooth brush, tooth paste, brush, hair straightener and make up. I put on a black bikini and denim shorts and a crop top tee over my swimmers and put on my things and then we left.

Luke's pov~

Wow she looked hot in her bikini. " hey take a picture it will last longer Hun" she said while giggling. " coming form you?" I said as she was staring at my abs. " hey it ain't my fault your hot" she said while giggling. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and walked to the water. " LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS PUT ME DOWN" she yelled and I just laughed at her as I walked in the water and put her down." OMG Luke" she squealed. " what" I said innocently with a smile. " I hate you Luke Robert hemmings!" She said " I love you too claire rose sloane". I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my wrist and me made out for 5 minutes witch may I add was amazing!!but we stopped when we heard whistling. "How do we deal with this kid" claire asked me. She has actually been his friend for the last 2 years. " I really don't know to be honest." We walked to the shore holding hands when Calum blurted out " you finally got him" he said to her with a wink. " CALUM DONT YOU DARE" she yelled " oh but I do ok so Luke claire always went on about how-" he got cut off by claire screaming " SHUT UP!!" " tell me please" I begged "she said your hot and perfect and that she loves you" CLAUM blurted out. I couldn't help but smile to myself. But I looked up and hen claire was onto of Calum tickling him. "Oh and don't worry claire Luke always said he wants you and your perfect and hot." He said. " OH MY GOD CALUM SO MUCH FOR KEEPING MY FUCKING SECRETS!!!" I yelled and claire just laughed."so do you guys wanna watch pane movies?" Calum asked " yeah sure but were" I said and claire just nodded her head while holding my hand. " um I don't know where do you want to go?" Calum asked." Mine" hey both nodded " can I call the boys and ask if they wanna come?" Calum asked " yeah sure " me and claire said at the same time.

Calum's pov~

I called mikey to asks him if he wanted to watch some movies." Hey" he said " hey wanna eatch some movies at Luke's house he's bringing his girlfriend" I said " oh wow another girl for popularity?" He asked " no actually to be honest he really likes her like I mean a lot he never stops talking about how perfect she is! I think this ones here to stay and let's just say she's actually really cool" I said. " ok oh and I'll call ash and we'll be over in ten " he said then hung up.

Claire's pov~

OMG I was walking up to Calum for Luke to ask him if he wanted to go to McDonald's first and I heard what he said to mike! I really canst believe all he said. Luke talks about me and says I'm perfect. Calum Hung up the phone and he turned around and saw me with my mouth dropped wide "you heard all that didn't you?" Calum asked " yes. Yes I did" I said. " we'll lets get back to the car so Luke doesn't think we're making out or anything" Calum said. " ew no that's hard to believe. Me kissing my bestfriend or actually my only friend when I've got a perfect boyfriend yer um I'll pass " I said then me and claim burst out laughing. " you know how stupid you are?" Calum asked " yes. Yes I do." I said then we hopped into the car with Luke.

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