Was a bad boy

Claire is a normal 17 year old girl. But she falls for the school bad boy Luke hemmings and everything changes...

read to find out what happens!!!❤️


1. school

"Beep beep beep" my alarm clock went off. I got up and hit it to turn it off. Oh I should introduce myself. My names claire I'm 17 green eyes blonde hair I love acdc Greenday cold chisel and red hot chilli peppers.

I hopped into the shower and when I got out got dressed into my Greenday shirt and black skinny jeans. And blow dried , brushed and straightened my hair. I grabbed my phone and bag and ran down stairs and out the door to the stop.

I saw the one and only Luke hemmings and his gang Calum hood ashton irwin and Michael Clifford..Luke's the school bad boy and he's fucked every girl in the school except me. I have no friends so I'm always alone but he always flirts with me.hes actually one of the hottest guys I know but I know he only wants to fuck and dump me.i love his ocean blue eyes. "Hey babe" he said while smirking."what do you want hemmings I'm not in the mood for your games" I said sounding frustrated. " what's wrong babe" oh god this boy kills me. " you!" I said sounding very annoyed. I just walked straight past him on the bus. " he grabbed my wrist and turned me around " I know you want me claire " he said " no I don't! Don't you get it sorry but I'm not a fuck doll like the other sluts at this school!" I said sounding really angry by now and I just walked off to my seat and waited to get to school. But of course Luke sat next to me. " what the fuck do you want?" I asked " you" he said with a wink after " we'll your not getting me so I suggest you leave" " or what" he said with a smirk playing on his face. " nothing you'll just have less of a chance with me even though there's no possibility anyways" I said while laughing " what if I prove to you I can do it" " do what?" I asked " be worthy for you" he said nervously to be honest I'm actually excited if he does prove go me there won't be a second guess of saying yes I mean have you seen this perfect kid???!! " ok but that mean you can't fuck anyone or flirt!" I said sternly " deal but how long will it take" "we'll you have to do it for 3 weeks" I said " easy and if I do will you think about dating me?" He said nervously " um we'll luke come with me" I said I grabbed his arm and dragged him off the bus and into the school I took him to a table and said " I've kinda always like um argh you" I said whispering the last part " really" he said surprised. " we'll ugh yeah but i know you don't feel the same but that's ok I mean look at you " I said while chuckling with a tear rolling down my face " we'll claire we've actually been in the same school and classes since grade 3 and I've always liked you but to tell you the truth Im a virgin I don't fuck girls we make out but I just can't give my virginity away to some slut I don't know" he said looking down "no way you like me I mean look at you you can have any girl you want why me?" I said confused "because we both love the same bands we both dress kinda the same and I love how your not scared to be you and don't care what people think of you and we'll I think your beautiful" he said OMG Luke hemmings just said that to me claire rose sloane!?!?"we'll um Luke would you argh um" " will you be my girlfriend" Luke said cutting me off" yes!" I yelled. " I um I'm sorry I just um really argh you know what I mean" I said looking Down then Luke pulled my face up with his finger " you can trust me you know I won't flirt or anything it's you I want" he said wich may I add melted my heart" your amazing Luke hemmings" I said while grabbing his hand and dragging him to class. Everyone was staring but I didn't care and it looked like he didn't either.

*************•skip to the end of school•*****************

Luke's pov~

Finally I've always like her she makes me feel amazing when I see her I get butter flies. I waited outside of the school with my car I'm gonna ask her if she wants to come over to my house and watch movies with me I know her parents passed in a car crash so she lives alone. "hey luuuukeee" I heard her say " hey love wanna come over and watch some movies?" I asked " yeah sure" she said sounding pretty excited god she's so cute.

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