Sarcastically, Infinitely, and Blindly [COMPLETED]

I had promised myself that I would never fall in love again. But you know what they say, promises are meant to be broken and so is my heart. [This is Isaac’s story, the fault in our stars fan-fiction.]

(WARNING: I've ended it in a some-what happily ever after because I just couldn't find the perfect ending. However, don't hate me because as Augustus says, "All salvation is temporary". So, beware before proceeding X)


2. T h e r a p y


Isaac sat in the chair at the heart of Jesus aka group therapy.  He felt eyes on him but maybe it was just his imaginations, and nowadays his imaginations ran haywire, because unfortunately god decided the world was not glorious enough for Isaac to see.

“Hey,” Hazel’s voice softly broke through the statics of his thoughts, he heard a chair moving against the floor and realised she must have sat down beside him.

“Sup’” he responded popping the ‘p’. It’s been a year since Augustus died but every time Isaac said ‘sup’ they would end up talking about him. However, this time Hazel had something else in mind.

“Hmm . . . let’s see, someone’s sitting on the other side of you and she seems to be pretty,” Hazel’s voice was teasing but the information she gave him, he decided, was ridiculous.

“Don’t give me the blind guy jokes,” he said with his lips twitching upwards a little.

“I’m not,” Hazel said and he couldn’t tell from the tone of her voice if she was serious.

“No one is allowed to sit next to me,” Isaac reminded her, “it’s reserved for Gus’s ghost.”

Hazel chuckled and whispered, “but she is sitting there and she is new!”

“The seat next to me is reserved,” Isaac said rather loudly and it seemed like Hazel was telling the truth.

“Uh. . . oh I’m sorry. . .” a small voice trailed off unsure and irritated, “but there are no seats left.”

“Don’t tell me that,” Isaac snapped even though he was normally a friendly person something about her annoyed voice made him curious and he didn’t like it. Curiosity killed the cat, Isaac thought mentally scolding himself.

“I can’t do anything other than tell you,” the girl snapped back, and wow was she sarcastic and mean. Hazel on the other hand was laughing, instead of defending her friend.

“Oh yeah?” Isaac said quietly because he was a little hurt, then the unexpected happened. She apologised.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly and Isaac heard the chair scrapping the floor again and after a while he heard quiet foot-steps amongst the chattering of the other therapy members.

“You’re so mean,” Hazel said.

“Me?” Isaac asked incredulous.

“Yeah, you,” Hazel accused, “you know she actually went to take the chair and. . . She is back but she is sitting on the other side of Patrick now.

“Good,” Isaac mumbled and he felt even more intruded. Was she bipolar? What was her reason to be in the therapy? She sounded perfectly healthy and

“Everybody!” Patrick’s cheerful voice started the session, “We will start after I introduce to you my daughter.”

“ex-step daughter,” the familiar voice said with a laugh making others laugh a little.

“Yes, yes,” Patrick’s voice sounded like he was smiling. “She is my ex-wife’s daughter and I’m baby-sitting her.”

“That explains a lot,” Isaac mumbled.

“Anyway lets—” Patrick went on.

“Doesn’t she have to introduce herself or something?” Isaac grumbled. He mentally kicked himself.

“uh. . . I guess, if that’s what you want,” Patrick said.

“of course, considering I can’t see and stuff,” Isaac mumbled. Then things were silent and Isaac felt himself flush because he couldn’t see what was happening.

“I am Christie Wadley and I have no health problem what-so-ever, and yeah sometimes the only thing I worry about is my nails,” she said and that got a little laugh.

“Go on Patrick ask her,” Isaac said casually encouraging Patrick to ask her the same things other members of the therapy has to answer.

“What are your greatest fears?”  Patrick asked and Isaac wanted to smack his head because that’s the same question that he had asked when Gus first came. However, Isaac was intruded. Will she sarcastically and stupidly or will her answer even mean something? Isaac thought.

“My fears? My greatest fear is being afraid,” she answered and it took Isaac a moment to think that through. “My fear is that I’ll always have new fears. I fear that infinity can go on and at one point it will be this big endless abyss and I’ll find myself falling and I’ll never hit the ground. Like dying and not knowing where your destination is . . . err . . . that’s all.”

Everyone was quiet for a little while again and Isaac thought about it and found it pretty reasonable. It just meant that Christie with her chirpy voice and sarcasm was also someone very . . .  thoughtful.

After a while of even more talking, Patrick played a song to us. The discussion was boring and Isaac felt pathetic not being able to see, because that made it even more boring.

“Let’s go Isaac,” Hazel said. Isaac got up and took his stick but Hazel just grabbed his arms and dragged him to the lift. It wasn’t long before Hazel realised climbing and down the stairs was the same thing as going through the lift. So, why not just do it, when it’s easier?

“You have a crush on her,” Hazel teased.

“What?” Isaac responded confused.

“Christie, you like her, don’t you?”  she asked.

“No!”  Isaac said quickly, “Why would I? And you can’t have a ‘crush’ on someone in just one day!”

“That’s not true,” Hazel said and Isaac heard the ‘ding’ of the lift.

“Oh, hey Christie,” Hazel greeted someone and Isaac gritted his teeth.




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