Sarcastically, Infinitely, and Blindly [COMPLETED]

I had promised myself that I would never fall in love again. But you know what they say, promises are meant to be broken and so is my heart. [This is Isaac’s story, the fault in our stars fan-fiction.]

(WARNING: I've ended it in a some-what happily ever after because I just couldn't find the perfect ending. However, don't hate me because as Augustus says, "All salvation is temporary". So, beware before proceeding X)


3. C h o c o l a t e


“Hey. . .”  Christie’s voice trailed off because she didn’t know their names.

“Hazel and. . . Isaac,” Hazel answered.

“Oh, um so you guys going home?” Christie asked.

“No, we are heading to the café around the corner,” Hazel said.

“Yeah? I go there all the time,” Christie said, “to study and stuff. In fact, I might be heading there right now if Patrick is staying back.”

“Really? Why don’t you join us?”  Hazel suggested and Isaac grunted when she nudged him with her elbow, “unless you’re going with someone else?”

“No. I mean I’d love to if you don’t mind,” Christie answered.

“Actually we do min—” Isaac started rudely and Hazel kicked him on the shin making him yelp but he couldn’t jump because Hazel was grabbing his arm.

“Don’t worry about him, he is just playing hard to get,” Hazel said as they exited the institution. Christie laughed and then seemed confused to Hazel.

“So, you guys are not together or something?” Christie asked dubiously.

“Us?” Hazel asked with a laugh.

“She is still stuck over her dead boyfriend and I am stuck over my dead best friend,” Isaac said in a monotone making the girls laugh as they walked to the café.

“And tell her about your vow,” Hazel said laughing still.

“Oh, yeah and I’m no longer available to girls,” Isaac said.

“Means you’re gay?” Christie asked nonchalantly.

“What? No!” Isaac said.

“His hot girlfriend technically broke up with him just before he went blind,” Hazel explained. That story didn’t affect him anymore but he still wasn’t going for a girlfriend.

“Oh,” was all Christie said.

“And that was a year ago,” Hazel informed.

“What?” Christie said as they entered the café, “Dude, it happened a year ago! I have been dumped before! Once because I suddenly had a pimple on my cheek.”

Hazel laughed and Isaac tried to hide his smile, as they sat down. Hazel sat beside Isaac and Christie sat across them.

“At least that’s what I thought, but turned out the guy was gay!” Christie said dramatically and Isaac couldn’t help but grin, Christie poked his hand and said, “That’s the first time I saw you smile today.  Guess my irresistible personality gave away, eh?”

“Isaac’s usually the friendly one of us here, but you’re a girl and I guess he got the hint that you’re attractive and he doesn’t ‘date’ anymore.” Hazel explained.

“Really? He doesn’t seem much friendly,” Christie said casually as if Isaac wasn’t even there.

“I’m right here,” Isaac said slowly turning and hoping he was facing Christie. He wasn’t.

Christie tilted his face towards her and said, “and I’m here.”

Isaac scoffed and buried his face in his arms in embarrassment. A waitress came along and asked them for orders. Christie just ordered a caramel and raspberry coffee, Isaac ordered some chocolate ganache cupcakes and chocolate mocha latte, and Hazel ordered Java Chip Frappuccino.

“So why does he still go to therapy?” Christie asked.

“He has nothing else to do,” Hazel answered.

“Oh,” Christie said and then to Isaac, “I’m guessing you are a big fan of chocolate?”

“Who isn’t?” Isaac said with a childish grin.

“My little sister hates chocolate,” Christie said randomly. Isaac didn’t believe that someone could hate chocolate. To him that was impossible. “But if your diet is like this, how do you manage to stay so skinny?”

“Hey,” Isaac snapped.

“His body is a sensitive issue,” Hazel clarified.

“Considering he can’t see it anymore,” Christie joked, “sorry, I was just joking.”

“It’s alright, I do it all the time,” Hazel said grinning and she did and Isaac would always find something to say back.

“Obnoxious,” Isaac mumbled.

“I said I was sorry!” Christie replied whiny and then the waitress came back with their drinks and Isaac’s cupcakes.

“Don’t steal my cupcakes just because I’m blind,” Isaac said but Hazel already bit into one.

“err. . . too late,” she said and Christie laughed as Isaac swatted her hand away blindly.

“Fine,” Isaac said and sipped his chocolate drink which tasted like heaven and he didn’t mind the overly sweet taste in fact it made him more hyper.

Christie watched him as he took a bite of his cupcake and Isaac felt eyes again.

“Are you watching me?” he asked the air.

“Yes,” Christie replied and Isaac was a little taken aback by her bluntness.

“Uh. . . okay,” Isaac said nervously and then offered his cupcakes, “Want some?”

“No thanks,” Christie replied finding his anxiety adorable.

“Come on, you can’t say no to chocolate cupcakes,” Isaac said, “Have some.”

“Fine your majesty,” Christie grinned and was sad Isaac couldn’t see it. She took one cupcake and bit into it and it was true. You could not, never, say no to chocolate cupcakes, Christie noted mentally. The waitress came and Isaac—even though he was blind—won over to pay.

“Isaac your mum’s here,” Hazel said, “and mine is too, bye Christie!”






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