Sarcastically, Infinitely, and Blindly [COMPLETED]

I had promised myself that I would never fall in love again. But you know what they say, promises are meant to be broken and so is my heart. [This is Isaac’s story, the fault in our stars fan-fiction.]

(WARNING: I've ended it in a some-what happily ever after because I just couldn't find the perfect ending. However, don't hate me because as Augustus says, "All salvation is temporary". So, beware before proceeding X)


4. C a r & C a r e


Isaac kept carelessly playing games in his room while waiting for Hazel to drive him to group therapy. Hazel had a car now and often drove him, which was a shame but there was nothing he could do about it. He kept sulkily scowling words at the game.

When he started thinking about Hazel arriving, he started thinking about group therapy, that reminded him of Patrick and that reminded him of the annoying girl called Christie he had met the week before.

He was still in the position when he suddenly felt eyes on him again, that was a feeling he had yet to get used even though a year had passed by. His blind self was still a big mystery to him. Being blind, he realised made him think a lot.

“Hey there,” Hazel greeted as she walked over to Isaac and took a hold of his arm. “Let’s get you in the car, shall we?” Isaac mumbled something in response, fumbling for his stick but Hazel grunted and said, “You wouldn’t need that, I’m here to help.”

“You can’t drag me around by my arm, it would look weird. Really embarrassing,” Isaac responded.

“Well, I’m not embarrassed,” Hazel responded with a roll of her eyes but of course Isaac couldn’t see.

Isaac grinned, “Well, I am,” and Hazel slapped his arm as they walked down the stairs slowly and of course she made him carry her oxygen tank while she dragged him. Perks of helping a blind man!

“When I came,” Hazel started, “Your mood seemed off, just like last week.”

“I don’t know, a blind man does not need an explanation for his mood swings,” Isaac said and if he had eyes he would probably roll them but he swore under his breath because unfortunately he couldn’t. They walked out of the front door Isaac realized when he felt the sun burning his skin.

“It’s hot out,” Hazel mumbled as she settled him in shot gun and then said, “What were you thinking about?”

“The girl from group,” Isaac said carefully. Isaac and Hazel had promised each other not to lie. The discussion was big and in a very random moment they decided to not lie to each. The next thing Isaac had said were, ‘I loved Monica and I love her still but it’s not the same.”

That had felt like moving on to Isaac but Hazel had a different idea for moving on even though she would never do it herself. She wanted him to go and see other girls, like that would ever happen. But he knew she wanted him to date again but no.

“You were thinking about Christie,” Hazel said as if tasting the words, “uh . . . is this the same Isaac that kept yelling around ‘I hate her! I hate her’ when I asked him about her?”

“Just because I said I was thinking about her doesn’t mean I was thinking good about her,” Isaac retorted and they both fought of their smiles.

“I had always been rooting for the two of you,” Hazel said aimlessly, “I mean, it’s only in the rule book of cliché that people who might hate each other are secretly just annoyed that they are falling in love . . .”

“Dully noted,” Isaac responded looking out the window and Hazel just smiled and took out her phone to call her mum to tell her that they had reached the institution. That was a rule her parents made of she wanted a car.

However, she frowned when her fingers scrolled through the list and stopped for second on a number that read: AUGUSTUS; before scrolling down again. She missed him but it seemed that he was up there having some lunch with God.

“Let’s go,” Hazel said informing Isaac that they had in fact reached their destination.






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